Tai Lopez Vs. Gary Vaynerchuk Vs. Grant Cardone: The Best Comparison

You’ve seen them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Maybe you’ve read their books or taken their courses. I know I have.

I’ve taken more than half the courses Tai Lopez has come out with, watched every single #AskGaryVee Gary Vaynerchuk has put out and 200+ DailyVee’s, plus I’ve finished about 80% of Cardone University and finished some of Grant Cardone’s smaller courses. (Two reactions here: either “this dude needs a life” or *mouth drops open in awe*)

With all of this, I have created the best comparison and score sheet you’ll find on the internet. I’ve rated these gurus in categories like sales, social media experience, programs, and mindset. Then came up with a rating system to see who comes out on top. Who do you think it will be?

If you already know all about these three and want to skip the intros, click this link to skip down to the scoresheet section where we start the comparison. 

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Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez House

No better way than to start off with the most controversial, right? Like or hate the guy, you have to admit he’s super smart/borderline genius. People get a bad idea about Tai just from his ads so let me reset your mind real quick.

Quick Life Story

Tai Lopez is a marketer, storyteller, and life-long learner. Some people only think of him as the Lamborghini guy now because of his YouTube ad and forget the fact that he still has read over 5000 books.

Quick life-story about Tai Lopez: Most of you guys know about his mentors and the stories like living in the trailer, so I’ll skip to the ones he only really mentions in his programs. He started finding success when he was a salesperson for GE because he used Google Adwords before anyone else was. Tai outsold everyone in the company (almost combined) and started to earn some money. He then went on to become a CFP (certified financial planner).

He then started a financial planning company, got into building night clubs and owned some of the biggest at the time. After that, Tai began investing and buying businesses. Basically, finding the smartest people in things like technology and medicine. Then, funding their whole business and splitting profits with them. That is how he ended up in that garage with the famous lamborghini. I actually found Tai through one of his Ted Talks that went viral before he did the YouTube Ads. 

What He Does Now

Honestly, Tai is the quietest (some say sneakiest) out of these three on how much he makes. Tai has 13 different programs, as of this writing, or revenue streams just through his personal brand and what you see on social media and his website. Of course, he also does affiliate programs, real estate investing, investing in companies and more. You can say Tai has a lot of side hustles. In one of his accelerator videos, he mentioned he has over 80 sources of revenue a month. That was 4-5 years ago when Tai recorded that video. I would think it has to be over 100 sources now.

Mark Cuban and Tai Lopez

Quick Review of Courses/Content

His courses are why people consider him so controversial. Because he makes money from social media, and some people on Facebook are still not used to this model yet. Honestly, if you take away the fact that it’s online and not in person, does Tai do anything different than Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer or other people like that? He has courses on your mindset with his 67 steps, and accelerator programs with Money, Entrepreneurial, and Persuasion. Then he also has the more tactical programs with the Social Media Agency, Real Estate Investing and Traveling CEO.

In my opinion, the way he does his free content is genius. Everybody recognizes Tai Lopez's House, and he captures you with the cars and girls. This is not a bad thing. It’s marketing. Think like this; you’re walking through a mall. You see a Bath and Body Works, a Banana Republic, and a Victoria’s Secret. Which one catches your eye? Exactly. Same premise.

Tai also doesn’t just say facts or even his opinions on his videos, but he has a story for almost every piece of content. Some of those probably aren’t entirely real, but he knows people follow and remember stories more. Brands spend hundreds of millions to come up with stories to get you to buy. Tai does it on an iPhone and posts it to YouTube. Genius.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote

It’s honestly difficult to compare Gary Vaynerchuk to any person or image on this Earth because he is the most randomly consistent person that comes to mind. He is aggressively patient along with all-in and all over the place.

Gary is THE social media guru, and if there were a picture in the dictionary next to entrepreneur, I would bet it’s a picture of Gary.

Quick Life Story

He was born in the Soviet Union during the height of communism, and his family was traded to America for wheat. Gary grew up in Queens, New York and as soon as he learned English, he turned into an Entrepreneur. Gary was eight years old having hundred dollar days because he hired out kids ages 5-9 to run lemonade stands for him and he would go around getting the cash from them, and Gary would give them their cut.

He then took those profits and moved on to baseball cards. Flipping baseball cards in middle school allowed him to progress onto thousand dollar days on the weekend. At this time, his dad got ownership of a liquor store and forced Gary to give up his big money opportunities and stock shelves at his store instead. Even though he hated that job at 13, it would change his life forever.

Gary’s whole life he was against education because it wasn’t going to help him in the future – I’m sure you might be able to relate. After barely passing college, he took over his dad’s liquor store. In the 90’s and early 2000’s, no one was using e-commerce and email marketing to sell wine. Using this and a YouTube show called Wine Library, he turned his dad’s liquor store into a $60 million a year business.

Being one of the biggest guys in his space, Gary became close with certain people like Mark Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick (Uber), and Evan Williams (Twitter). This allowed him to start investing in these companies very early, making his first big hits into the digital marketing and investment world.

Gary Vee and Tony Robbins

What He Does Now

In 2009, Gary and his brother AJ founded Vaynermedia, which is an agency that did social media work for large brands. Landing companies like Pepsi and Budweiser as well as the New York Jets and the NHL are not easy, but this allowed Gary to change the game. Vaynermedia is now a $150 million company a year and growing faster than ever.

Growing his own social brand between Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, along with his two popular YouTube series, has given him the social reach to be able to charge six figures for speaking gigs and also skyrocket him to be a 4-time New York Times bestselling author.

"If you want to be an anomaly, you gotta act like one!" - Gary Vee from https://alldayprogress.com

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Gary now runs Vaynermedia, has his speaking gigs, and his social brand. He also runs an investment agency with Miami Dolphins owner, Steve Ross, started a sports agency, and 500 other projects because the guy never stops.

Unlike Tai, Gary does not have courses and programs for people to take (some people think this makes him superior because he’s not monetizing his audience) but he does have his books. I’ve read them all and even review them on our Best Book List that you can get access below.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone About

Grant is the oldie out of the three, but that’s not shutting him down. If anything, this makes him hustle more. At almost 60 years old, Grant has the most experience, and this guy specializes in one thing and anyone who knows him knows what it is. Sales, sales, and sales.

Grant Cardone is the sales expert in this space. He is the raunchy, in your face, kind of guy and not afraid to speak his mind. He’s all about making money. All over social media about leadership, small business, college, and the economy, Grant has grown his following from people who truly love going against the crowd. If I had to pick between Tai, Gary, and Grant on who has the most passionate fans, it would hands-down be Grant.

Quick Life Story

Cardone grew up in a lower-middle-class family with his dad working non-stop and his mom being a housewife. His father suffered a heart attack when Grant was just 10. This turned his middle class family into a now struggling family where his mom had to start pinching pennies. Having to deal with these challenges made Grant aspire for more his whole life turning him into the alpha male that he is today..

Cardone earned a degree in accounting and then pivoted to become a car salesman. In 2008-2009, Grant came out with two books on sales that hit the best-selling list. This was a catalyst for his career and allowed him to move into consulting and seminars on sales. In 2010, he came out with sales universities that took the business world by storm.

Les Brown with Grant Cardone

What He Does Now

Grant does a lot of things just like these two other guys. He has Cardone University which is a sales training program along with his 100s of other products in his online store from MP3s to stickers to even Growth Conventions.

He is also by far the biggest in the real estate game out of these three. At this time, his real estate portfolio is estimated at $350 million. Grant also used the internet to create his own network where he has nine shows playing weekly right now. Just like Gary, Grant is known for his public speaking and also puts on many conventions and retreats himself that get very high demand.


So, let’s get to the part everyone wants to see: how these three match up against each other. This is how we’re going to do this. I’ve created some categories that all three of these guys could be judged on against each other.

The categories are Sales skills, Social Media Skills, Social Media Following (yes they are different), Programs/Books, Mindset, 20 years from now, and Overall Lifestyle. I will rate each category and who comes in first, second, and third. So, keep reading…

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Template Scoresheet

(Just to clarify, the numbers below are the points they earned. Not the rank. So 3, 2, 1 means 3, 2, 1 points not 3rd, 2nd, 1st)

Sales Skills

I wanted to start off with an easy one (at least in my mind). If you have watched more than one video on each of these three, I think there is a majority consensus that can be formed to agree that Grant Cardone is the top salesman out of the three. That is his big story. Gary will fight it, but he will fight all these categories because that’s the kind of guy he is.

Grant had the salesman fire in him since he started selling cars and he is considered one of the best in the country. Gary comes in a somewhat close, somewhat far second. He can sell anything just like Grant. But Grant will call you 17 times in a month, and use strategies when Gary will just do what Gary does best and attracting people to him.

Tai ironically was a salesman at some point too but doesn’t get looked at in this light, and he is more of a story-teller in my mind. Although that can be looked at as a salesman, Tai doesn’t straight up sell as much as the other two and that’s the main reason he’s going number three on this skillset.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Sales Skills

Social Media Skills

First off, I want to explain to you the difference between Social Media Skills and Social Media Following because I don’t think they can be grouped together. Skills mean you have the ability to create content on all different platforms that seem native, and their audience receives them the best. They can also identify the hot places and trends to go and spend much more time on it (as a single individual, not having a team do it for them).

For me, this comes down to Gary Vee. The guy does this for a living in a $150M+ business, so I hope he won this category. He’s one of those guys that fights for more engagement. Gary is in the trenches a lot more on every branch of social media.

Tai will hop on a live and respond to some questions, but that’s about it. Grant does the same thing with Facebook Lives but mostly everything else is automated. That’s not knocking automation on social media. I use it, and so does every other marketer, but Gary is the one who uses social media the way it should be handled. He just does it at a large scale.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Social Media Skills

Social Media Following

The reason I separated these two categories is that if you just judge Social Media Expertise with who is always on your timelines, newsfeeds, and YouTube videos, we all know the answer. It’s Tai. Tai is everywhere, and he’s been everywhere since 2013. From his Lamborghini in the garage video to him now hanging out with models and whatever other crazy things he does, the guy is on social media so much; it’s become the biggest reason why he gets so much criticism. “He’s buying ads he must be scamming.”

Anyways, Tai has to win the category of the Social Media Following because he has the biggest and he’s also the most widely known. It’s hard to walk up to someone (15-35, don’t add baby boomers in this) in a mall and show them a picture of Gary or Grant and them knowing who it is. You do that to 5 people with a picture of Tai and 2-3 will at least say the knowledge guy.

Gary & Grant

Tai was on a show recently and mentioned that he not only is the biggest single person buyer for ads on Facebook and YouTube but out of anyone else, not counting brands like Pepsi and Geico, he outspends the other top 5 by four times. Meaning if the other top 5 are spending $200,000 a month in Facebook ads, he’s spending close to a million a month.

Some say this is the matter of his controversy, but I just look at him as a great advertiser. Does that translate to social media skills? Not really. Does that translate to a huge social media following? Yes.

Between Gary and Grant for #2, you have to go Gary. This isn’t about only bigger numbers, but Gary almost has Grant beat just on Twitter. I mentioned this above though. Out of all three of these categories and their “fans,” very little will stick up for Tai or Gary, but I’ve seen Grant fans defending their “mentor” religiously, and that should mean something.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Social Media Following


So, I had to come out with a section rating their material they sell to the public. This is mostly what people want to know. Tai has his programs, Grant has programs and books, and Gary just has books. I mentioned earlier that I had taken almost all of Tai’s courses, read and finished more than half of Grant’s material and read all of Gary’s books. In my mind, I have enough to form an opinion here.

Let’s compare apples to apples. Tai and Grant have courses, and Grant and Gary have books. So, let’s put those up against each other. Grant Cardone has Cardone University, which is a course with a huge amount of modules and lessons. Like I said before, Grant is the Sales guy, so a huge amount of the modules is about this. Cold calls, following up, handling objections are just some of the things in this 1500+ video program.

He has some other motivation and mindset topics in this, but it’s truly for the salesman/business person to get. Grant has some smaller programs that I have also taken. But from what I’ve seen, it’s basically a small amount of Cardone University modules with a webinar that Grant does on topics. This is perfect for you if you want just to learn one subject and don’t want to spend the big amount of money on the course but the whole program is definitely worth it if you fall into those categories.

Grant Cardone with Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez's courses and programs are different. He doesn’t just come out with one huge course with 1500 videos. His range from 50 videos to 200 (not counting his VIP program, which is a monthly program with updating content bi-weekly.) Tai has mindset programs like the 67 Steps, but he mostly comes out with more tactical programs, like "How to Start A Social Media Agency" or How to Invest in Real Estate.

Some people like this a little bit better because it’s more of a hands-on approach than Grant’s. People are surprised to find out that in his more advanced programs, Tai is only in about 20% of the videos. This shouldn’t mean his programs are worse though because he teams up with the best in these spaces to give his programs the best material. Honestly, I think this makes the courses better than Tai just talking.

Let’s move onto books. Grant has seven books (including his 44-page booklet), and Gary has his four books (not including the one on wines in 2008). Grant’s books go from selling to mindset. The four I read (10x rule, BOBA, Sell or Be Sold, and the booklet) were all great. My favorite was Be Obsessed or Be Average.

I have finished all of Gary Vaynerchuk's books, and his books go from mindset to more tactical. #AskGaryVee was great to get a breakdown of his best answers from his 200+ video show and Jab Jab Jab Right Hook is the best way to get a grasp using social media for your business or marketing (still relevant to this day and released four years ago.)

You cannot put up these guys’ courses or books and say one is better than the other because they fit different needs. However, just because Grant does courses and books the best, in my opinion, he comes first in this sector. Then it comes to Tai’s programs Vs. Gary’s books and I am going to say Tai’s courses just because of how much more is in them obviously.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Programs & Books


Mindset is even more of a toss-up than programs/books because this all goes to how you are as a person. I squished their entire mindset into one or two sentences that describe each of these three.

Gary is all about his legacy; he is willing to put in the grind and hustle. He’ll take less money today to make a hell of a lot more at a later point in his life. Gary is more about how he is perceived once he’s gone than what he’s doing in his day to day life.

Tai is all about his freedom; that’s why he became an entrepreneur and what keeps him going. Out of the three of these guys, he’d be the one to say “I’ll make less not to have to work more.” Some admire that. Some think that’s dumb. He is also one of the best at building smart passive income.

It’s also hard to imagine Tai Lopez being the most humble out of anyone but from what I’ve seen Tai (the guy with girls everywhere and flashy stuff) is the most humble. Only because imagine Gary, Grant, and Tai reading this, Gary and Grant would think they win every category no matter what.

Tai would be the only one to say, “yeah that’s probably right. I shouldn’t be the best in that one.” Tai just wants to focus more on learning something new everyday.

Tai & Gary

Grant is all about his money; Grant’s biggest thing is “How can I make more money today than I made yesterday.” That’s not a bad thing. That’s just a salesman attitude, and honestly, I think it should be more people’s mindsets in the world.

One of the best things in Grant’s training on mindset is that most people spend 90% of their thinking on their expenses and 10% of their thoughts on income. Meaning more people are thinking about how they spend money and where they can cut corners. Grant says to reverse it. Spend 90% of your time thinking about how to get paid and 10% on your expenses.

This is the biggest opinionated category here. It all depends on your values. So, take this ruling with a grain of salt. Gary first, Grant second, Tai third.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Mindset

20 years from now.

Imagine it’s 2038. Who is the clear-cut winner from today when you’re reading this in 2038? This can be based on net worth, legacy, who’s even relevant anymore, and any other factors we can think of.

Let’s start off with who I think will be last. I think Tai’s got to go third here. Not only can I not imagine a 50 something year old making the videos he makes now, but his main brand just doesn’t have the longevity that you need to be here in 20 years.

Then it comes to Gary Vee Vs. Grant Cardone. Grant has his real estate to lean on which is in the $350 million estimate for this year. Time would tell how much that rises. But I have to stick with Gary here. He has his agency, his investment firm, and he is starting to branch off into many ways. What’s most important is he is planning for 20 years from now, not how much he can make today. You can disagree with me, but if it’s 2038, I would expect Gary to be on top, then Grant, then Tai.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | 20 years from now

Life Right Now

I would never advise anyone to want to aspire to be like another person. If you ask me, you should set your own life up, so people want to be in your position. This is just a for fun category. If you could trade lives with one of them for a while, who would you pick?

I would have to side with Tai on this one. Now, I know this won’t fit for everyone. Some people won’t like this because they don’t like the flashy life with the models, cars, and houses (including me). But a lot of people do.

Tai has the best money to freedom ratio in my opinion, and that is ideal for a broad range of business minded people. Some like working the 18-hour grind daily and going to bed and doing it all over again. That would be Gary’s take. I believe most would trade with Tai though, then Gary, then Grant.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Life Now


As you can see from above Gary squeezes out a win, with Tai and Grant actually tying for second and third. Now let me give you some insight on what this means. This doesn’t mean Gary is the best and you should ignore the other gurus. I’m not even saying you should watch Gary at all. If you relate with Grant the most out of these three, then watch only him. If you like Tai’s videos more, then be my guest.

Each one of these has a specialty that you can learn from. That’s how I look at these three. With every bit of content I’ve taken in from these three and how much I explained here, you should know if you want to achieve _____ then you should be watching ____.

I hope that you enjoyed this very long, but best comparison on Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez, and Grant Cardone.

Did you agree with me on every point? I’m sure you didn’t. Leave a comment below telling me your opinion on the ratings here.

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