The 25 Best Self Help Books in 2019 (Updated)

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Books have played a big part in my life and how I became the man I am today. Self Help Books have played a crucial part in that. Whether you’re looking for a book to inspire you, teach you, push you, or change you, I promise you’ll find a book that will help you on this list.

We have gathered the best self help books and made one of the best lists out there just for you. These books range from quick, easy reads to longer manual type books. This list can help make even the busiest section of the self help section seem possible to find that next book you want on your shelf today.

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Think and Grow Rich Book

Let’s start with the classic. Think and Grow Rich is one of the most read books of all time and it deserves that title. This book was written in 1937 and is probably more relevant today than ever before.

It contains Hill’s laws of success and provides you with 13 principles of personal achievement. One of the main takeaways is that seeking success in our own lives is a choice that we make everyday. Creating that mindset for success allows us to take control of our lives and beat our fears.

Basically, becoming the best we can be is based on actually knowing we can be successful.  

How to win friends and influence people

Dale Carnegie has a couple different books that are all considered best sellers but How to Win Friends and Influence People was by far his best book. The best book out there on how to deal with people and communicate in the way you want.

The #1 book for introverts and turning you into the alpha male you want to be. It teaches you the right tactics to use when interacting with others which is something we have to do everyday and we all should master.

Talking to people and communication should be something every single one of us should master, including you. No matter what you decide to do in life, you’re going to have to talk to people - I promise. If you want to become better in social settings or get better with your co-workers and peers, read this now.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Covey teaches the 7 Habits you need to develop to succeed in life. Since it’s publish in 1989, it has sold 25 million copies. The personal development book is exactly what it says. It is a guide to the habits that make up the most successful people in our society.

These 7 habits allow readers to achieve self mastery and has influenced presidents, CEO’s and more. This classic is a must-read that will influence you and your life as well.

Awaken the Giant Within

We all know Tony Robbins. This book is one of his oldest and shows you how to master your emotions and your body and win in your relationships, finances, and life.

One of the main things Robbins talks about in Awaken the Giant Within is how to get people to stop struggling with change by becoming aware of your behaviors and the reasoning behind them.

48 Laws of Power

The next book is arguably my favorite book of all time. 48 Laws of Power has some weird admirers like Fidel Castro and 50 Cent and the DJ Calvin Harris has one of the laws tattooed on his arm.

48 Laws of Power walks you through the 48 laws the richest and most successful people use to acquire and maintain power. This book covers influence, negotiations, and relationships with bosses and power players.

This book is so important that I’ve wrote a review and a full blog post just on this book. You can read it here.

You Are A Badass

More than often, we let the fear of losing the game keep us away from playing. Sincero helps you get past that fear in the bestseller You Are A Badass. There is lots of knowledge around money, relationships, and self-development.

As you can guess by the title, Jen has a good sense of humor and is kind of abrasive. This comes off as refreshing to me because she doesn’t hold back and tells it like it is. As a success coach, she’s helped lots of people change their lives and this book can help you as well.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Back to another one of my favorites and probably one of my top three. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is probably looked at as arguably the most popular business book of all time and I think one of the best.

This book uses two characters, “poor dad” and “rich dad” and highlights the differences in the way they teach, think, and even act in their day to day lives. Robert Kiyosaki as a kid had a poor dad who was his biological father and a rich one he looked up to.

This book shares lots of lessons on things to do but one of the reasons I like it the most is it shares even more lessons on what not to do. If you want to gain more financial and business knowledge with an easy to read book, this is it.

Cash Flow Quadrant

Yes this is by the same author as number 7. It’s actually the follow up book to Rich Dad, Poor Dad. That book is all about how he did it and opening you up to being able to escape the rat race. Ca​​sh Flow Quadrant is about actually teaching you how to do it.

This book was written to teach people how to get past just working a 9 - 5, find a side hustle, turn it into a business, and enter the world of financial freedom. Most people spent years in school but were never taught about money. This book will teach you a lot.

Crushing It

Number 9 just so happens to be the newest book on this list and it’s from one of my favorites Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary runs a successful media agency with 700+ employees and $200 million or so in revenues each year from companies like Pepsi and Budweiser having them do their advertising just in case you wanted to know if he could build a business.

This book is a follow up to his book Crush it! that came out in 2009. This book is a guide to building a brand for yourself on all social media. That’s Gary’s thing. If you can build a following, anything after that can be easier because now you have people who want to know what you’re up to.

Crushing It! is a guide to building that brand to lead you to career and financial success. It allows you to start living life on your own terms.

Be Obsessed or Be Average

Now to another social media star that I talk about a lot on All Day Progress. Grant is part of the social media gurus I always talk about and this is his best book yet in my humble opinion. This book is a wake-up call to anyone who thinks they should be having success but aren’t yet.

Be Obsessed or Be Average is all about learning how to become obsessed (obviously) about achieving success and stopping at nothing short to reach that goal. This book gives you the inspiration and the tools to hit your craziest goals.

This is probably the self help book for millennials who can’t stand reading books written by sixty year olds and just want to change it up. Manson runs a blog that is known for being raw and doesn’t sugarcoat anything and that’s how this book is as well.

This book isn’t about how to be positive or optimistic actually. This book teaches you that in life 99% of the time your situation is going to be horrible. But throughout the reading, he teaches you how to not only turn lemons into lemonade, but how to start dealing with all the sh*t that gets thrown at you everyday.

Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big is all about teaching the importance of setting bigger goals. You ever hear that saying “Shoot for the moon and even if you’ll miss you’ll end up in the stars.” That’s what this book is trying to convey.

People think of themselves as too small or too insignificant and that can’t be farther from the truth. Every person that’s ever done anything spectacular is no different from you and that must be something you believe to be successful and this book teaches you lessons to help you believe.

The One Thing

The O​​ne Thing has been a bestseller more than 350 times. This book has a simple but powerful concept. The two authors urge you to just focus on one thing at a time. Stop the multi-tasking and the juggling of different tasks and just get that one thing done first.

This book teaches you how to find that one thing for your day that can help you get to where you want to be. Then forces you to get it done. A lot of times we have many things we think we should do throughout the day so we try to juggle them all.

Most of the time only one of those tasks is actually THE thing to get done and if we’re bouncing around from task to task it might not happen. The key to this is having far less distractions.

Compound Effect

I’m a big advocate of The Compound Effect in life because of this book. What you do today could 5x the results you get tomorrow. If you want to start a business, starting today could help you become financially free in three years. Starting in six months, it could take you seven years to reach the same milestone.

Why does this happen? Because of the compound effect. This book offers a simple step-by-step guide on how to increase the chances of you becoming successful. Jumpstart your life with this book and watch it work for you.

Power of Now

We’ve gone through books that talk about planning for tomorrow and learning from yesterday but not many of us think about the now. That’s what this book is about.

We seldom think about our lives long enough to realize what’s going on right now. If we really want to know who we are, we must be honest about what is happening in this moment and Eckhart Tolle is the best at showing you how to do that.

This book is loved by Oprah Winfrey and many more and probably the most popular spiritual book of all time. If you’re looking for a spiritual book, look no further.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

One of my favorite people to read is Ramit and this book is a staple to launching his career. On his site, he teaches millennials the financial know how to create lasting income along with saving and investing what you need. His book is just another segment to that.

My favorite thing about him is he’s not the “stop buying coffee and save an extra hundred bucks” type of financial guy that makes me roll my eyes. He tells you things that will actually change the way you look at money and even though this book was released a decade ago, it’s still highly relevant today.

Influence Book

You won’t find a marketer, entrepreneur, or personal development junkie that says a bad thing about this book. Recommended by everyone, Influence is a book that teaches you all about the human mind.

Why do people say yes and no? Why certain colors make people react certain ways? Why do people buy to this and say no to that? This book will help you understand social proof, scarcity, and more psychological tactics that can help you in business and even in life.

Thinking Fast and Slow

Probably my second favorite psychology book behind Influence is Thinking, Fast and Slow. This book dives deep into the different systems of thought. This is stuff you probably never thought of before but could change the way you think.

System 1 is the instinctive part of your brain or the “fast” part and system 2 is the logical or “slow” part. Each system has advantages and disadvantages and this book shows you how to maneuver around both. This book is a little more advanced but a perfect read for those that like diving deep into psychology.

Power of Habit

Many experts believe our chance at success is made up of the habits we do daily. The Power of Habit looks into the daily routines we all have and how to break bad habits and start good ones. Duhigg goes into the three steps in a habit: the cue, the routine and the reward.

Establishing new habits is important to creating a lifetime of success. This book was a big factor in me writing our 80 Daily Rituals Post and you should check it out!

5 Second Rule

Having trouble with procrastination? This book is exactly what you need. The 5 Second Rule teaches you how to push yourself into doing the things that you don’t exactly want to do.

We all have that feeling. We know there is something to do that will make us better, or make us more money, or talking to that girl but we feel a pause and then we do something else.

Mel teaches you how to get past that hesitation in this simple trick. It works for any situation, you just have to do it.

Start with Why

Simon Sinek isn’t focused on what you do for work. He wants to know what inspires you to work. He has the third most popular TED talk of all time.

Start With Why shows us that leaders and businesses have to influence as much as they market and this book leads you to be able to build a framework that businesses and lives can be built on.

Actionable Gamification

Gamification is becoming huge and this book has been the best I've found on the subject. Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.

This book teaches us about the Eight Core Drives that motivate the way we act. If you understand these then it makes reading people and build businesses that much easier.

It also goes through the process of learning things like extrinsic drives and intrinsic drives. There is also black hat motivation and white hat motivation. Understanding the differences in these allows you to hack the way you act throughout the day. I learned so many guidelines on how to improve my personal development and the knowledge I gain throughout my cycles.

Better Man Project

The Better Man Project is a handbook for any man that wants to live a better life. Bill Phillips used to be the editor in chief of MensHealth magazine.

Every chapter of this book has a different purpose. Diet, fitness, health, relationships, business, sex, and more. This book serves as a guide but is also a great read as well.

Whenever I need a quick tip to help me out, I open up this book, find the chapter I need, and get the knowledge I’m looking for.

Think Like A Genius

You want to read a page in a book and become smarter right on the spot? Then this book is for you. Every chapter (they’re very short) is a different mindset or change that you can make to your thought processes.

Changing just this one thing can make you think like a genius. This book is a guide to anyone who wants to become more creative and smarter right on the spot.

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

One of my favorite people of all time is Leonardo Da Vinci. Gelb had access to his notebooks and inventions and created what are known now as the Seven Da Vincian Principles. These principles are known as the elements of genius.

Probably the most advanced book on this list but also one of the best if you can handle it. With this book anyone can become like Da Vinci.

Personal Development books are my secret weapon to gaining all the knowledge I need. Do you know any books missing from this list? Maybe there's a book on here you don't agree with. Let me know in the comments below. 

Need to find that next habit that can help you like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, check out our huge list of daily rituals and habits that can lead you to success.  

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