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Is Tai Lopez A Scam? A Review of Tai’s Courses & Marketing

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

You’ve been seeing his ads for years now and almost everyone under the age of 30 knows who he is. But is Tai Lopez really who he sells himself to be? Most people consider him a scam and I’m going to give you my take on his “scamming” in this post.

Before anyone says anything, this post is not sponsored or affiliated in any way with Tai Lopez. Only my personal opinions and experiences will be in here. 

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Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is a marketer, storyteller, and life-long learner. I’ve been watching and learning from Tai for over five years now (for free and through courses). One of the things that he gets hated on the most for is being so secretive about his upbringing and specific details about his life. 

 If you’ve watched any of Tai’s free content, you probably know about his mentors like Joel Salatin and living with the Amish. But he’s let in some other things that he mostly only talks about in his paid programs. But most people want to know how Tai Lopez got rich. 

He started finding success when he was a salesperson for GE because he used Google Adwords before anyone else was. Tai outsold everyone in the company (almost combined) and started to earn some money. He then went on to become a CFP (certified financial planner). 

After starting a financial planning company, he started building night clubs. That brought him out to California where he started investing, creating, and buying out businesses. 

He said one of his strategies was finding really smart people in fields like tech and medicine and just letting them access his money to fund the things they were able to do with the resources and split the profits. 

How I Found Tai

One of the things that brought Tai into this online world was doing a Ted Talk. That’s actually how I found him. I knew him before the Lambo ads and all the “fame”. Tai’s ted talk took off and he’s never said this but I think he saw the opportunity to do more online with that kind of online success which brought us to now. 

Just like most people though, you see a video of someone telling a story, especially a Ted Talk and you don’t think too much about it. I checked out his social media and his website which back then was just a couple blog posts with a book club for an email list. 

I signed up and got some of his emails and bought some of his book recommendations. I actually was just starting my personal development “journey” if you will so basically telling me any kind of recommendations or tips back then was well appreciated. 

Fast forward a couple of months and like most others, I’ve moved on from really checking his emails. I’m on Youtube and I see his face pop up on a Youtube ad with that damn Lamborghini.

For most people, they thought, “who’s this idiot?” For me, it was, “hey what’s he up to now?” I watched the whole ad, checked out his site, which was obviously upgraded big time and was impressed. 

I don’t expect most people to be impressed because I always think about businesses’ decisions first and how I feel about it after. So when I see a wealthy Tai a few months before doing well, and then an upgraded site running YouTube ads and churning lots of content, I get pretty impressed. 

Obviously, the ad was for 67 Steps which I checked out but I didn’t buy it (right away). I actually remember really well that Tai got me into reading a lot and I was doing about two books a week. I was 19 years old and actually making good money off a different blog and doing websites for other people on the side so two books a week didn’t seem like too much. 

I bought about 10 books right before Tai’s program came out and I told myself if I still wanted it by the end of those 10 books I would get it. Little did I know I would see his face almost every day until I cheated and got it before finishing all those books. In my head, $67 on a course was cheaper than buying my books for next month anyway.

Even back then, I knew what retargeting was so I figured that was why I was seeing it so much. I visited the program page and almost bought it right away. But that brings us to the 67 Steps Review. 

67 Steps Review & Thoughts

Now I’m not blind. I’ve seen reviews in Facebook Groups and on his live streams of people not liking the courses they’ve bought from Tai, which is fine. Not everyone loves every product they buy from a store. 

The thing is that you need to know what that product (or in this case, the program) is supposed to do for you. You’re not going to go back to Wal-mart and tell them you want to return a pair of shoes because you couldn’t eat them. 

One of the biggest setbacks when it comes to Tai’s programs is that he markets them to so many people that anyone outside of a certain mindset thinks all his programs will show you how to become a millionaire and that’s not true. 

The 67 Steps program wasn’t a money-making course and it even said that back then. In the ads and on the product page, it never said “buying this course will help you make millions”. It was a course to teach you mindsets on how to handle things for the rest of your life.

I think I understood this a lot better back then because I was already reading personal development books that in no way promised or even spoke about any ways of making money. I was reading Think & Grow Rich and 7 Habits before doing these programs so I understood the thought process that reading these books now will make my attitude and brain stronger in the future. 

Ultimately, the course had lots of great steps in it. As you can imagine, some impacted me more than others. It wasn’t what I was expecting at the time. I kind of expected him to have a good set-up and a script of what to say. 

That’s not how the 67 Steps was. Keep in mind, he wasn’t as experienced back then but I came to learn that Tai doesn’t do the reading off a prompter or worrying about things before. 

He said in the end he had all the steps written down, which he learned throughout his life, and then explained them through storytelling and metaphors that you wouldn’t really get from someone just reading off stories or definition. 

I did have one problem with the 67 Steps though…

30 days after I bought the program, just like lots of others, I got charged another $67. I didn’t see this anywhere on the product page that it was recurring even though they said it was in the terms. 

I asked what it was for and they said the recurring monthly calls and VIP package and I politely said I didn’t want to be in it and they refunded me the money and everything was good. I can see why people think this looks scammy. 

But in the end, the mistake was fixed and I got my money back for a product I didn’t want so no harm no foul. 

67 Steps Review

Tai’s Accelerator Program Review & Thoughts

This is probably the program that I was very hopeful for and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I would guess around a year after releasing the 67 steps, Tai came out with his accelerator program.

I don’t even think he sells this program anymore but I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. The program was structured in three different levels, money, business, and psychology.

It was a weird set-up that made the buying process uncomfortable because you had to apply and pay for the money program upfront and then one of his reps would call you and talk to you about the other two programs. 

The money program and application fee were $499 and I knew that the business program would be more. I remember getting the phone call and it was a negotiation. Kind of thrown off by the whole thing, the business program was originally $2,000 and I told him I would only do $1,000 and he said yes right away. 

I remember actually negotiating the VIP package back into the deal as well without paying the monthly fee.  

After telling the rep that I was using my “last” $1,000 on this he tried to sell me the psychology portion that started at $5,000 and I just held back my scoff and politely said no, thank you and ended that. No way was I paying that.

Excited to jump in and spending the most money I have at once for anything personal development, I logged in and checked out the videos. 

We were promised lots of content for that amount of money and I was upset to see that on release they only had 14 videos under each category. To some people, this might have taken a while to get through but I remember finishing 28 videos within two days. 

I knew there would be more because it said videos 15 - x coming soon but soon wasn’t really soon in my eyes. The videos that were in the money program weren’t that good in my eyes to begin with. Some videos seemed like remastered 67 steps paths that involved money and others were Tai’s takes on the Cashflow Quadrant and things like that.

The business part was actually good though because it had actual tactics in there. He brought in people like Mark Cuban and Neil Patel to ask them questions on certain topics depending on their expertise. 

I learned a lot in the business portion and the money portion wasn’t that great. Looking back on it now, I probably shouldn’t have purchased this at 20 years old but I did and it still had a positive impact on me. 

Credit Mentor Review & Thoughts

Fast forward two years later (2018), and Tai has put out a lot of programs. I honestly wasn’t interested in lots of them including the one that I’m going to talk about in the next section but this one did catch my eye. 

Most of you know that I am very much into travel hacking and I’ve been doing it for about two years now. Around the time this program came out, I was around 3-4 months into learning and basically just getting started. 

I knew who Stephen Liao was though from Reddit and things like that so once I saw him working with Tai, I took the bait. 

Credit Mentor on the outside seems like a course on how to fix your credit but once it’s fixed, Liao teaches you how to use credit cards to your advantage. Travel hacking is basically gaining credit card points to get free flights, hotels, and more. Out of my last 40 nights in a hotel, I’ve paid for about three nights and I haven’t bought a flight with money since getting into travel hacking.

If someone asked me which Tai course affected my life the most, it would be this one. Only because lots of things I do now are affected by travel hacking and credit cards. I’ve done lots of learning and even teaching others since then but a good amount of this program carries over into my everyday life. 

Tai & Stephen

Social Media Marketing Agency Review & Thoughts

To start off, I haven’t bought this course so this won’t be as much of a review as the other programs. It caught my eye more than other programs but I bounce around so much now with all the businesses I do that I don’t want to go full agency mode as the program suggests. I do work for different businesses but I don’t go out seeking work and I knew this course would be more selling than any tactics. 

In even more full transparency, I had a friend who bought the course and wanted my thoughts on a couple videos inside of it. There are probably over 100 videos in there and I watched a couple over his shoulder and helped him out with his planning for his agency so I’ve at least seen the course from the inside. 

The course takes you through the four processes that involve an agency. Setting up the business, learning the tactics of social media, selling, and then growing overall. 

Like I imagined when this course came out, the biggest section is on selling your services which in the agency world is 80% of the work. Some reviews say that the teaching about selling in here is kind of elementary and don’t get too caught up in it but that’s for them to talk about and you to figure it out if you really desire. 

My friend that bought the course actually quit his job and is doing this full time. He’s not making 130k a month like some of the students Tai has but he’s doing well and growing every month. In his eyes, this course changed his life and it’s definitely not a scam to him. 

Overall: Scam or Not?  

Let’s break this down a little bit. 

I like Tai Lopez for a couple different reasons. The things he teaches all resonate with me well. It helps that within the first couple months that I really started getting big on personal development, he showed up as one of the biggest gurus in the industry. 

I obviously wouldn’t be so big on books these days if it wasn’t for him. I probably wouldn’t have read many of my favorites like 48 Laws of Power and Rich Dad Poor Dad if it wasn’t for Tai.

In the beginning programs, he breaks down processes and mindsets of people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Stephan Hawking and more. I would read a book on Warren Buffet that Tai would recommend and his explaining of the book and what it teaches would give me more insight than actually reading the book. 

He taught me entrepreneur things that I couldn’t learn in the conventional world. Things like leasing houses and cars, which he gets a lot of hate for, even though 99% of big business guys do the same. When to save, when to invest, and why saving shouldn’t be a priority all the time. 

I’m also just a big advocate for someone that likes to help people and like him or not he’s helped a lot of people. Some he helped become successful and some he just helped by giving them some handouts or some things they needed to get by. 

Now for a couple of things I don’t like. 

Once you start watching him as much as I did at the start, he started just repeating things a lot. He honestly said a couple of times he does this on purpose because 80% of his audience was always new so they never heard these tactics before but for me and others it got kind of old. This is really only for the free content though so can’t complain much. 

I honestly didn’t like the format in his courses. One thing that people complain about in all courses (not just Tai’s) is that you can always find a lot of the content for free which is true. But I buy courses a lot because they give you a concise order to doing everything. 

For example, look at his SMMA course. If I told you to start a social media marketing agency, you can honestly find free content on every step but the thing is if you don’t know already, you won’t know the steps to take first. 

You would know to start the business, pick a name, and then what… Do you start pitching to businesses? Do you figure out your niche first? Do you evaluate what your agency will do and won’t do? 

This is the main reason I like courses like this because they have that kind of guidance. Tai’s courses do and they don’t. He has modules that tackle the order but inside the modules, he’ll have the sixth step you should take as the first video and more beginner steps at the end. I think they just put in videos by the order they’re made instead of my way which frustrates me. 

By this point, I might be spoiled by all the other courses I’ve taken but that’s one small thing I don’t like. 

The last thing I don’t really like with Tai is one of the reasons he’s so hated. I don’t like the marketing he got into. It was tolerable at the start for me with the Lambo in the garage but once it turned into more of a Dan Bilzerian vibe than anything else, I got turned off by it. 

He shows off every pair of expensive shoes he gets now and just walks around with bands of money. Just not my style anymore.

My one thought on this though, is that Tai Lopez in the big scheme of things is a business. He wouldn’t be doing all this if there wasn’t data behind it that it’s working. We watch Super Bowl commercials and wonder why they pay so much for it but the businesses have the data to back up their reasoning and that’s all that matters. 

Overall, if you’re going by the actual definition of a scam, which is a dishonest scheme or fraud, then I don’t think you can call Tai a scammer. But everyone kind of took on their own definition of Tai and scamming. 

In my own opinion, a scam is when I purchase something and don’t get what I’m expected in return and if you’re buying something online there’s a certain level of skepticism that comes with it just because anything could happen. 

If I get more value from a program than the amount of money I spent on it, then I consider that a success and I can honestly say that every program I did from Tai exceeded the value I paid, even the accelerator which I didn’t like much. 

To Wrap It Up

Tai Lopez overall doesn’t give bad advice and his free content is better than lots of peoples’ paid content. He does get into too many topics though and this makes it so he just dabbles in a lot of different subjects instead of making you a master at any.

One of the best things going for Tai is all the people that back him though. Mark Cuban, Lewis Howes, and Neil Patel all say he’s the real deal and even though their business plans are almost exact opposites Gary Vaynerchuk loves him.

I do think we are kind of at the backend though of his reign on the market which I predicted two years ago in my Tai Gary Grant Comparison. I can imagine around two more years of him really milking this and then he’ll have to find another way to keep this going. 

What's your opinion on Tai Lopez? If you've taken any of his courses, did you find it useful?

Let me know in the comments down below.

I talked a good amount about travel hacking in this post. If you're interested in learning about it, I have a post on the Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking for 2019 that will surely help you so be sure to check that out.

And if you know someone that would find this post interesting, please share it with them because maybe they'll have a good take on it. Thank you!

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Clickfunnels Affiliate Post

Clickfunnels Affiliate Review: How to Become One & Ways to Make Money

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

I’ve been using affiliate programs for six years now, so I've tried a lot. I can confidently say that Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels affiliate program is one of the best programs I’ve ever used. Even though being an affiliate for ClickFunnels is so great, getting started with it can be overwhelming. 

After reading this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to start promoting Clickfunnels and earn some great affiliate commissions.

Things Clickfunnels Can Do


It’s hard to review an affiliate program and not talk about the commissions. One of the most common questions I get asked is “How much will I make by selling ClickFunnels?”

They have many different products which we will get into later but their flagship product is their software. These come with a 40% recurring commission every month. If you can get a sale for the lowest plan of $97 a month, you get $38 every month for as long as that customer stays with ClickFunnels. 

It doesn’t take a lot of sign-ups to allow you to create some great passive income every month. 

Sticky Cookie

You might be reading this and don’t understand how an affiliate program actually knows who signs up with you and how they know that you deserve to get paid. You probably know that you receive links to use for the products but these links are specifically coded. 

Your affiliate links have specific codes pointing to your account but it also has a certain time that it tracks that potential customers actions on the website. When you visit a website, at least half the time, you don’t buy something on the first visit right?

Affiliate programs know this so they put in code to track that visitor for X amount of time just to make sure you get credit. The amount of time they allot is up to the company though. I’ve been in affiliate programs where this time lasts seven days or fourteen days. Amazon’s affiliate program only lasts 24 hours. 

ClickFunnels affiliate program sticks with your visitors “forever.” There are only two ways that the cookie could not stay with you. Either they delete their cookies from their browser which stops all programs like this from working or if they click on someone else’s CF affiliate link because it goes to the last affiliate link clicked. 

Both of these are standard and this really means that ClickFunnels has some of the best conditions in the game when it comes to their cookies.

Lots of Ways to Advertise

Once you sign up for an affiliate account, your dashboard has lots of marketing material you can use from there. For every program ClickFunnels offers, they have banners for websites, Facebook Ad images, email copy, and more. 

You won’t run out of ways to market CF with their material.

Affiliate Training

ClickFunnels has lots of things that you can buy which you will see in the next section but they also give away a lot of training for free. One of the best trainings they have is their Affiliate Bootcamp. 

This could easily be sold as a course. I’ve taken affiliate marketing courses that cost a lot of money and had less training than this free course has. They basically went around to their top affiliates and asked how they did it and they give you a full look into how you can do it too. 

100% free and you can access Affiliate Bootcamp here!

Lots of Products to Promote

Clickfunnels is obviously known for their main software but they have lots of other products that you can be an affiliate for as well.

They are one of the best companies for always throwing in more upsells and getting you more commissions. There are products that are less than ten dollars or even free that will allow you to make commissions on whatever they purchase from ClickFunnels over time. That’s where the sticky cookie comes in. 

How to Get Started

If you want to become a ClickFunnels affiliate, you have two options. 

Signing Up For ClickFunnels

If you have a ClickFunnels account, you are already an affiliate. This is the best way because you are using the product so you’re able to promote the product even better. 

If you have an affiliate account and get three people to sign up under you then your account is paid for anyway. 

It won’t make getting sign-ups easier technically but I’ve done lots of affiliate programs and the ones you use the most are always the ones that make you the most.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

You don’t have to have a ClickFunnels account to be an affiliate. 

If you want to go the free route, you can join their Affiliate Bootcamp Program.

This is an affiliate training program that helps you become an affiliate for their products. 

You can always do this training with an account as well and I recommend it but it’s not required. 

To Wrap It Up

While reading this, I hope I have proved to you how great this affiliate program actually is. People are still signing up for ClickFunnels everyday and they need someone to show them the program. 

Why can’t that be you?

If you sign-up to be an affiliate because of this, comment below with how you’re doing. If you actually want to get your own ClickFunnels account, you can use my free trial here. 

If you are already a user and an affiliate, why not comment below with your experience and maybe a tip to help out other readers.

If you know someone that this article would help out, share this post with them so they can gain the knowledge too. Thank you!

Top 10 Best Business Books to Read in 2019 for Growth

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

For years now, we’ve heard gurus and business people talking about how reading is one of the most important things you can do. 

I just so happen to agree with them. Reading has helped me with my businesses, my finances, my social life, and overall in my development into who I am.

Although most of us know that it is important to read, we don’t. One of the reasons why I believe is because we don’t know what to read. Especially when it comes to business books because there is so many.

That’s why I created this list of the Top 10 Best Business Books to Read in 2019. Business books can help you start a business or grow a business. They can help you change your mindset or get your finances in order.

I believe I’ve compiled a balanced list of all of these. I’ve picked out 10 special ones and even say who they will help in the paragraphs below. So find one that will fit your needs and get the growth that you need in your business today.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I figure let’s kick this list off with an obvious one. If you don’t have someone recommend Rich Dad Poor Dad to you when you ask what to read, then you’re in the wrong circles.

It’s one of the most sold entrepreneur and finance books of all time and probably within my top three books to read in any genre.

This book is what it sounds like. The author has a poor dad who taught him about money and investing and then his best friend’s dad was his rich dad. He also taught him about money and investing.

Kiyosaki was taught how to work for money and also how to have money work for him. This book tackles how the poor treat money like relying on other people, sucking up to bosses, and hoping to get a tax break.

Then it shows you how the rich look at money. Keep expenses lower than income, invest the profit, wait until the profit makes profit and then invest that profit.

When I read this it made me realize I have some poor people mentalities and had to change it and it might happen to you too.

Either way, Rich Dad Poor Dad will help you out.

2. 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene 

48 Laws of Power

I go from a book in my top three to my all time number one book 48 Laws of Power. 

This book tells you what power looks like, how to get it, and what to do against other powerful people. We actually have a post here on ADP that breaks down every law in our 48 Laws of Power List Summary.

People hear the word power now and think negative thoughts. They think power means something evil and wanting to take over the world. I don’t believe that at all.

Power creates leverage. Leverage that can help you build businesses, help people who truly need it, and make your friends and family happy and healthy.

The author, “Robert Greene”, looked into over three thousand years of history and created the 48 laws that will help you gain power and keep it.

48 Laws of Power can help anyone with lots of social situations. 

3. Crushing It! By Gary Vaynerchuk 

Crushing It

We’ve all heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s got a massive following on all social platforms and his speeches on entrepreneurship and motivation go viral almost daily.

We actually have him featured in one of our posts where we compare him to Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone as well so check that post out here. 

Crushing It! is a book that will inspire you to grow your businesses and your influence at the same time. 

Gary built his businesses by building his personal brand and he goes through how you can do that as well. He also shares stories from other entrepreneurs who have used these principles to take them to new heights.

The number one thing Gary tries to get through to his readers in this book is that you have to start taking charge of your business and your life. If you don’t take action towards your dream then no one will.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you can’t skip reading Crushing It!

4. Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss 

Tools of Titans

Tim Ferriss is the mastermind behind the book 4 Hour Work Week. This is his follow-up and some say even better. Tools of Titans is a collection of tips and strategies that can help anyone achieve success. 

The author interviewed hundreds of highly successful people and lets us in on what they do first thing in the morning and when and what they do to workout.

He talks about the books that they read and the mistakes that they made and advice on how not to make them yourself.

Like Warren Buffet said, “it’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”

The tips in this book offer us a way to learn from other people’s mistakes instead of our own.

You’ll learn how to leave your comfort zone and how to deal with fear. Basically, reading Tools of Titans will allow you to learn a lot that is needed about life. 

5. The Power of Broke by Daymond John 

Daymond John, who is now one of the Sharks on Shark Tank, started selling home-sewn shirts on the streets. He had $40 to start a business called FUBU that is now worth billions. 

Daymond says that if he didn’t start with no money, he wouldn’t have the hunger and drive to succeed in the way he did. In The Power of Broke, he talks about how that drive pushed him and it can push you. 

Most of the excuses you get from people nowadays for not starting a business is a lack of money, but if you read this book you’ll understand that you can launch a successful business even if you’re broke.

Now you might think his case was special and you still need lots of capital for your business, but he wants to prove you wrong. In the book, he found lots of case studies of other entrepreneurs who took shoestring budgets and turned them into empires.

If you’re starting from nothing and want to make something of yourself, The Power of Broke can help you get there. 

6. The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

The 10x Rule

If you need a massive spark to take action, then The 10x Rule is the book for you. If you don’t know Grant Cardone, he is an in your face and execute kind of guy. He has helped thousands of people change their lives. 

The main point behind the 10x Rule is that you have to take massive action to achieve success. Especially entrepreneurs, you can’t tiptoe all your life and just let it pass you by. You have to be bold and brave. 

You need to be able to say no when things get tough and make others say yes when you want them to.

The 10x Rule teaches you how to estimate the amount of effort you need to take to reach a certain goal. Then Grant pushes you to 10x the amount of effort you think you need to put in. This will enable you to shoot past the goal you set into your new 10x goal.

It’s kind of like that cliche phrase shoot for the moon and you’ll end up in the stars. This book makes you stop being mediocre in what you’re doing.

The 10x Rule shows you how to stop settling for average and starting to solve life’s problems on your own terms.

7. The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco

Millionaire Fastlane

If you pick up 99% of financial books they are all the same. That’s why in my Huge Book List I don’t have that many on there.

Almost all of them sound like this: Go to college, graduate, get a high paying job, save 10% of your income for life, cancel your Netflix and Spotify, buy a used car, stop drinking Starbucks, count your pennies everyday of your life and give them to Wall Street and hope by 65 you can retire.

Millionare Fastlane doesn’t advise any of this. Demarco calls this route the slowlane or a way to finally get wealthy once you’re in a wheelchair. 

Step into the Fastlane with Demarco where he teaches you how the rich really get and stay rich along with the math on how much you actually need to become wealthy.

If you don’t want to be stuck in the slowlane for your whole life, The Millionaire Fastlane is for you. 

8. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz 

Profit First Image

If you can’t figure out why your business never has money in the bank, maybe you need to take a look at the way you look at money. Profit First will help you with that.

Ever since we were young, most of us were taught that Sales - Expenses = Profit. As long as sales was higher than expenses then your business was healthy. This is wrong.

The real formula should be Sales - Profit = Expenses. You need to determine what is healthy for you and your business to take as a profit and then determine what the expenses number will be from that.

Most entrepreneurs when starting out make no money because they use the first formula. They spend extra money on equipment or tools they don’t need instead of keeping that money for themselves because they are taught that’s what you do to make businesses grow.

Your business can’t grow if it’s not making money. It’s a fact that the earlier a business makes a profit the higher chance it has to have of achieving massive growth.

Profit First teaches you the steps needed to look into the numbers and turn a non-profitable business a profitable one. 

9. Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 

Flow Image

One of the things that I probably try to learn too much about is how our brain works. I spend lots of time that I could be spending on more important things, trying to learn how to make our mind work in different ways that is unexpected.

That is why Flow is one of my favorite books. One of the most important things you can do as a lifelong learner is figure out how your brain works and how to make it tick. 

I believe as human beings, we experience true happiness when we are progressing towards something. Think about the saddest people around us. Most of them are not progressing towards something. They are either in a dead-end job, or have really bad habits, or can’t figure out how to unlock their potential.

Flow teaches us that progression is a state of mind and it can be controlled instead of leaving it up to fate or chance. It teaches us how to unlock our potential and truly experience happiness. 

10. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini 

Influence Book Image

You won’t find very many recommended book lists about business without seeing Influence on there. 

Lots of people will argue persuasion could be the most important single skill you can learn as a businessman or woman. In this book, Cialdini teaches us why people say yes and how to start getting more of them when you want it.

You can finally persuade people to come work with you, or buy from you, or help you out when you need it.

He teaches you the six main principles to becoming a skilled persuader and actually how to get around them if someone is trying to get to you.

Start getting your way more with Influence. 

To Wrap It Up

Business books have helped me grow my businesses and achieve the freedom I have of being my own boss. And now I want to hear from you.

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Blog Bluehost

How to Start A WordPress Blog on BlueHost in 2018 – Tutorial and Review

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Blogs have changed my life. I’ve created a good amount of blogs as many of my readers know. Many have reached out to me asking how they can do it for themselves and this is for you.

Blogging is about more than the money though. It’s about the freedom. 

I get to wake up whenever I want, start working whenever I want, and control my entire day.

If I need to go see my family, I can drop what I’m doing and go.

If my girlfriend and I want to go on a trip, we can go at a moment’s notice.

These are just some of the benefits of blogging and I want to get you to this lifestyle. I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking, “I want to start a blog.” Then look no further.

The following post will be a step-by-step guide to creating the blog that you’ve always wanted. Best part is is that you can make money from it. If I can do it for the past 6 years, you can do it as well. Blogging is one of the best side hustles to get started with. 

Click here to start a blog on WordPress, then use the tutorial I’ll be telling you below for easy instructions. 

The number one way I recommend starting your blog is through BlueHost. 

BlueHost is one of the most affordable ways out there and you can start a blog for just $2.95 a month with our special link. 

Another great reason to use BlueHost is that it comes with a FREE domain name when you buy through them.

This could help you save $10-$100+ on your first year of blogging which is important because you’re trying to get started on making revenue on your blog. 

Create Your Own Blog!

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Step By Step Guide: How To Start A WordPress Blog With BlueHost in 2018 

Creating your blog with WordPress takes only 4 simple steps. 

  1. Setting Up Hosting & Domain
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Picking Your Theme
  4. Launching!

1. Setting up Domain and Hosting for Your Blog

For those that don’t know, a domain name is the name that you type into the box at the top of your browser, like or

Hosting is what makes your website run. It’s the back-end with all the wires and shiny lights and everything that 99.9% of people don’t understand.

Server Room

In the 1980s and 90s, you had to know that stuff to start a website. Now we can set it up in 10 minutes.

Anyone who wants to have their own blog has to buy a domain and hosting.

The good news is with BlueHost, you get a domain name for FREE. So think of a blog name that you want and use this tool below:

The name you think of first might not be available but it’s okay. Try a variation or two and find something that isn’t taken. 

The good thing is that you can always change your domain name if you pick something and come up with something better tomorrow. But you don’t want to change your blog name, six months from now after you post content.

Now on to the hosting.

BlueHost is the best at what they do and they do WordPress blogs.

What a coincidence. That’s what you want.

Open up BlueHost here so you can follow along with me. 

Click the Get Started Now button so we can get going.

The next page is going to be the pricing options.

BlueHost Pricing

I went with basic when I was just starting out with all my blogs and I don’t think you need anything more than that.

This lowest price of $2.95 per month is for the longer contract term of 36 months. I recommend this one because you get the most value for this and this is what I did. Ensuring you get the $2.95 a month plan means you can make sure that the price isn’t raised on you for three years.

By that time, most bloggers will be starting to see consistent money and will have bigger problems than hosting costs.

Sign Up Now Screen

After picking your plan, you will get your new domain.

Enter your domain under the new domain spot. Fill in your name, address and that information then scroll down.

Like I said, the lowest price is always going to be the 36-month plan so I would pick that one for best value. BlueHost will try to put in a lot of upsells in these boxes but I only recommend getting the domain privacy protection one. Don’t worry about Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart, or Sitelock Security.

Finally after all that, all you have to do is at your card information and hit the submit button.

Congrats! You have a website now!

After this, you’ll go create a password and make sure it’s something you’ll remember but very secure.

Let’s move onto WordPress.

2. Installing WordPress on BlueHost

This is probably what you’ve been looking for all along. If you want to start a WordPress blog on BlueHost then here we go. 

Bluehost actually makes this very easy and a completely FREE add-on. 

After you create your password, BlueHost will ask you to pick a free theme. Find one you like or if you know you’re going to use a paid theme (that’s our next topic) then just pick one at random.

You can always change your theme at anytime so don’t worry too much on this right now.

Click the Start Building Button and on the next screen choose Personal or Business, either way it does the same things. Just press I don’t need help when that pops up.

Wordpress Dashboard

This is your WordPress Dashboard. This isn’t how it will always look but you can write your first post and change settings that you want but first we will go through choosing a theme.

I’m putting my recommendations below.

Create Your Own Blog!

Create and Launch Your Own Blog in 7 Days!

Simple Steps That Anyone Can Do... But No One Ever Teaches... Download The Free Course Today

3. Picking a Blog Theme.

So on the left hand side, you’ll see the Appearance tab and if you click on it, a menu will pop down. Click the Themes button. We’re now going to find you a great theme that you want!

When you click the Themes tab, you’ll see the free options that come uploaded automatically.

First, my thoughts on paid vs. free themes:

So you technically have a WordPress blog now but it doesn't look like anything. There's two routes to go from here and neither of them are wrong or right.

If you're looking to do this as a hobby and don't really care about monetizing it any time soon, a free theme is perfectly fine.

You don't get all the bells and whistles but you get to blog about what you care about and have fun doing it for no money for design.

On the other hand, if you are serious about turning your blog into a main source of income, you must use a paid theme. It's the only way it will work for you.

Of course, using a paid theme doesn't guarantee success, but I know from experience paid themes is definitely worth it every time.

Now not all paid themes are created equal either. That's why I'm going to go through my two best right here.

I like using models of Good, Better, Best so that's what I'm going to do here.

The Best recommendation I can give you is to go with Thrive Themes. Now, this is the best recommendation so it's also a little bit more expensive than the good recommendation.

Thrive Themes makes conversion focused themes and plugins for WordPress.

Their aim is to provide an ‘all-in-one’ toolbox that lets you build a website and start converting visitors into subscribers and customers.

This means these themes are focused on more than just looking good.

Each theme and plugin are available to buy individually, or you can join the Thrive Membership and get access to all of their themes and plugins. 

I myself got the membership but if I'm honest, I use the Rise Theme, Thrive Architect (their landing page builder), and their Thrive Leads, which is a plug-in to collect emails.

You could use this theme so much that learning design could be a daily ritual for you.

Thrive Themes Products


The Great recommendation I can give you is the Divi Theme. This is the most popular theme on the internet.

Divi is powered by the Divi Builder, an insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front-end editor like nothing you have seen before. It will change the way you build websites forever.

Another great thing about this theme is that it comes with demos that you can automatically set up. Say you just want your blog to look good and don't want to spend more time on tweaking it.

You just choose a demo, input your name and color scheme you want and that's all you need.

The Good option is just choosing any free theme. Basically the biggest benefit of this option is that it's free. Makes the barrier to entry for blogging that much cheaper.

Paid themes aren't that much in the scheme of business but everyone can have a chance to start blogging with free themes. Some of the cons is that it doesn't look very unique and they don't offer much support with these blogs.

If you want this option, just go to the Themes part of your dashboard and click Themes at the top of the page. 

4. Launching Your Blog

So, you’ve got your hosting set-up, you can type your domain in and it sends you to something you own (how cool is that!), WordPress is all ready to go, and you picked the theme you wanted. What’s next you ask?

All that’s left is writing and hustling really.

Now the fun and not so fun stuff starts. You get to think about what to write about, how to get traffic to your site and most importantly, how to monetize.

After doing all this, you may feel a little overwhelmed and want more guidance. That’s why I created this resource on How to Create and Grow A Blog in 7 Days!

If you want to learn more about this, put your email in below!

Create Your Own Blog!

Create and Launch Your Own Blog in 7 Days!

Simple Steps That Anyone Can Do... But No One Ever Teaches... Download The Free Course Today

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to start a WordPress Blog and if you have any questions, do not be afraid to comment below and ask them. I'm all about learning something new everyday and I’ll help you out with anything as soon as possible! 

Tai Lopez Vs. Gary Vaynerchuk Vs. Grant Cardone: The Best Comparison

You’ve seen them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Maybe you’ve read their books or taken their courses. I know I have.

I’ve taken more than half the courses Tai Lopez has come out with, watched every single #AskGaryVee Gary Vaynerchuk has put out and 200+ DailyVee’s, plus I’ve finished about 80% of Cardone University and finished some of Grant Cardone’s smaller courses. (Two reactions here: either “this dude needs a life” or *mouth drops open in awe*)

With all of this, I have created the best comparison and score sheet you’ll find on the internet. I’ve rated these gurus in categories like sales, social media experience, programs, and mindset. Then came up with a rating system to see who comes out on top. Who do you think it will be?

If you already know all about these three and want to skip the intros, click this link to skip down to the scoresheet section where we start the comparison. 

Travel Hacking Joseph Sleek

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez House

No better way than to start off with the most controversial, right? Like or hate the guy, you have to admit he’s super smart/borderline genius. People get a bad idea about Tai just from his ads so let me reset your mind real quick.

Quick Life Story

Tai Lopez is a marketer, storyteller, and life-long learner. Some people only think of him as the Lamborghini guy now because of his YouTube ad and forget the fact that he still has read over 5000 books.

Quick life-story about Tai Lopez: Most of you guys know about his mentors and the stories like living in the trailer, so I’ll skip to the ones he only really mentions in his programs. He started finding success when he was a salesperson for GE because he used Google Adwords before anyone else was. Tai outsold everyone in the company (almost combined) and started to earn some money. He then went on to become a CFP (certified financial planner).

He then started a financial planning company, got into building night clubs and owned some of the biggest at the time. After that, Tai began investing and buying businesses. Basically, finding the smartest people in things like technology and medicine. Then, funding their whole business and splitting profits with them. That is how he ended up in that garage with the famous lamborghini. I actually found Tai through one of his Ted Talks that went viral before he did the YouTube Ads. 

What He Does Now

Honestly, Tai is the quietest (some say sneakiest) out of these three on how much he makes. Tai has 13 different programs, as of this writing, or revenue streams just through his personal brand and what you see on social media and his website. Of course, he also does affiliate programs, real estate investing, investing in companies and more. You can say Tai has a lot of side hustles. In one of his accelerator videos, he mentioned he has over 80 sources of revenue a month. That was 4-5 years ago when Tai recorded that video. I would think it has to be over 100 sources now.

Mark Cuban and Tai Lopez

Quick Review of Courses/Content

His courses are why people consider him so controversial. Because he makes money from social media, and some people on Facebook are still not used to this model yet. Honestly, if you take away the fact that it’s online and not in person, does Tai do anything different than Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer or other people like that? He has courses on your mindset with his 67 steps, and accelerator programs with Money, Entrepreneurial, and Persuasion. Then he also has the more tactical programs with the Social Media Agency, Real Estate Investing and Traveling CEO.

In my opinion, the way he does his free content is genius. Everybody recognizes Tai Lopez's House, and he captures you with the cars and girls. This is not a bad thing. It’s marketing. Think like this; you’re walking through a mall. You see a Bath and Body Works, a Banana Republic, and a Victoria’s Secret. Which one catches your eye? Exactly. Same premise.

Tai also doesn’t just say facts or even his opinions on his videos, but he has a story for almost every piece of content. Some of those probably aren’t entirely real, but he knows people follow and remember stories more. Brands spend hundreds of millions to come up with stories to get you to buy. Tai does it on an iPhone and posts it to YouTube. Genius.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote

It’s honestly difficult to compare Gary Vaynerchuk to any person or image on this Earth because he is the most randomly consistent person that comes to mind. He is aggressively patient along with all-in and all over the place.

Gary is THE social media guru, and if there were a picture in the dictionary next to entrepreneur, I would bet it’s a picture of Gary.

Quick Life Story

He was born in the Soviet Union during the height of communism, and his family was traded to America for wheat. Gary grew up in Queens, New York and as soon as he learned English, he turned into an Entrepreneur. Gary was eight years old having hundred dollar days because he hired out kids ages 5-9 to run lemonade stands for him and he would go around getting the cash from them, and Gary would give them their cut.

He then took those profits and moved on to baseball cards. Flipping baseball cards in middle school allowed him to progress onto thousand dollar days on the weekend. At this time, his dad got ownership of a liquor store and forced Gary to give up his big money opportunities and stock shelves at his store instead. Even though he hated that job at 13, it would change his life forever.

Gary’s whole life he was against education because it wasn’t going to help him in the future – I’m sure you might be able to relate. After barely passing college, he took over his dad’s liquor store. In the 90’s and early 2000’s, no one was using e-commerce and email marketing to sell wine. Using this and a YouTube show called Wine Library, he turned his dad’s liquor store into a $60 million a year business.

Being one of the biggest guys in his space, Gary became close with certain people like Mark Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick (Uber), and Evan Williams (Twitter). This allowed him to start investing in these companies very early, making his first big hits into the digital marketing and investment world.

Gary Vee and Tony Robbins

What He Does Now

In 2009, Gary and his brother AJ founded Vaynermedia, which is an agency that did social media work for large brands. Landing companies like Pepsi and Budweiser as well as the New York Jets and the NHL are not easy, but this allowed Gary to change the game. Vaynermedia is now a $150 million company a year and growing faster than ever.

Growing his own social brand between Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, along with his two popular YouTube series, has given him the social reach to be able to charge six figures for speaking gigs and also skyrocket him to be a 4-time New York Times bestselling author.

"If you want to be an anomaly, you gotta act like one!" - Gary Vee from

Click to Tweet

Gary now runs Vaynermedia, has his speaking gigs, and his social brand. He also runs an investment agency with Miami Dolphins owner, Steve Ross, started a sports agency, and 500 other projects because the guy never stops.

Unlike Tai, Gary does not have courses and programs for people to take (some people think this makes him superior because he’s not monetizing his audience) but he does have his books. I’ve read them all and even review them on our Best Book List that you can get access below.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone About

Grant is the oldie out of the three, but that’s not shutting him down. If anything, this makes him hustle more. At almost 60 years old, Grant has the most experience, and this guy specializes in one thing and anyone who knows him knows what it is. Sales, sales, and sales.

Grant Cardone is the sales expert in this space. He is the raunchy, in your face, kind of guy and not afraid to speak his mind. He’s all about making money. All over social media about leadership, small business, college, and the economy, Grant has grown his following from people who truly love going against the crowd. If I had to pick between Tai, Gary, and Grant on who has the most passionate fans, it would hands-down be Grant.

Quick Life Story

Cardone grew up in a lower-middle-class family with his dad working non-stop and his mom being a housewife. His father suffered a heart attack when Grant was just 10. This turned his middle class family into a now struggling family where his mom had to start pinching pennies. Having to deal with these challenges made Grant aspire for more his whole life turning him into the alpha male that he is today..

Cardone earned a degree in accounting and then pivoted to become a car salesman. In 2008-2009, Grant came out with two books on sales that hit the best-selling list. This was a catalyst for his career and allowed him to move into consulting and seminars on sales. In 2010, he came out with sales universities that took the business world by storm.

Les Brown with Grant Cardone

What He Does Now

Grant does a lot of things just like these two other guys. He has Cardone University which is a sales training program along with his 100s of other products in his online store from MP3s to stickers to even Growth Conventions.

He is also by far the biggest in the real estate game out of these three. At this time, his real estate portfolio is estimated at $350 million. Grant also used the internet to create his own network where he has nine shows playing weekly right now. Just like Gary, Grant is known for his public speaking and also puts on many conventions and retreats himself that get very high demand.


So, let’s get to the part everyone wants to see: how these three match up against each other. This is how we’re going to do this. I’ve created some categories that all three of these guys could be judged on against each other.

The categories are Sales skills, Social Media Skills, Social Media Following (yes they are different), Programs/Books, Mindset, 20 years from now, and Overall Lifestyle. I will rate each category and who comes in first, second, and third. So, keep reading…

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Template Scoresheet

(Just to clarify, the numbers below are the points they earned. Not the rank. So 3, 2, 1 means 3, 2, 1 points not 3rd, 2nd, 1st)

Sales Skills

I wanted to start off with an easy one (at least in my mind). If you have watched more than one video on each of these three, I think there is a majority consensus that can be formed to agree that Grant Cardone is the top salesman out of the three. That is his big story. Gary will fight it, but he will fight all these categories because that’s the kind of guy he is.

Grant had the salesman fire in him since he started selling cars and he is considered one of the best in the country. Gary comes in a somewhat close, somewhat far second. He can sell anything just like Grant. But Grant will call you 17 times in a month, and use strategies when Gary will just do what Gary does best and attracting people to him.

Tai ironically was a salesman at some point too but doesn’t get looked at in this light, and he is more of a story-teller in my mind. Although that can be looked at as a salesman, Tai doesn’t straight up sell as much as the other two and that’s the main reason he’s going number three on this skillset.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Sales Skills

Social Media Skills

First off, I want to explain to you the difference between Social Media Skills and Social Media Following because I don’t think they can be grouped together. Skills mean you have the ability to create content on all different platforms that seem native, and their audience receives them the best. They can also identify the hot places and trends to go and spend much more time on it (as a single individual, not having a team do it for them).

For me, this comes down to Gary Vee. The guy does this for a living in a $150M+ business, so I hope he won this category. He’s one of those guys that fights for more engagement. Gary is in the trenches a lot more on every branch of social media.

Tai will hop on a live and respond to some questions, but that’s about it. Grant does the same thing with Facebook Lives but mostly everything else is automated. That’s not knocking automation on social media. I use it, and so does every other marketer, but Gary is the one who uses social media the way it should be handled. He just does it at a large scale.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Social Media Skills

Social Media Following

The reason I separated these two categories is that if you just judge Social Media Expertise with who is always on your timelines, newsfeeds, and YouTube videos, we all know the answer. It’s Tai. Tai is everywhere, and he’s been everywhere since 2013. From his Lamborghini in the garage video to him now hanging out with models and whatever other crazy things he does, the guy is on social media so much; it’s become the biggest reason why he gets so much criticism. “He’s buying ads he must be scamming.”

Anyways, Tai has to win the category of the Social Media Following because he has the biggest and he’s also the most widely known. It’s hard to walk up to someone (15-35, don’t add baby boomers in this) in a mall and show them a picture of Gary or Grant and them knowing who it is. You do that to 5 people with a picture of Tai and 2-3 will at least say the knowledge guy.

Gary & Grant

Tai was on a show recently and mentioned that he not only is the biggest single person buyer for ads on Facebook and YouTube but out of anyone else, not counting brands like Pepsi and Geico, he outspends the other top 5 by four times. Meaning if the other top 5 are spending $200,000 a month in Facebook ads, he’s spending close to a million a month.

Some say this is the matter of his controversy, but I just look at him as a great advertiser. Does that translate to social media skills? Not really. Does that translate to a huge social media following? Yes.

Between Gary and Grant for #2, you have to go Gary. This isn’t about only bigger numbers, but Gary almost has Grant beat just on Twitter. I mentioned this above though. Out of all three of these categories and their “fans,” very little will stick up for Tai or Gary, but I’ve seen Grant fans defending their “mentor” religiously, and that should mean something.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Social Media Following


So, I had to come out with a section rating their material they sell to the public. This is mostly what people want to know. Tai has his programs, Grant has programs and books, and Gary just has books. I mentioned earlier that I had taken almost all of Tai’s courses, read and finished more than half of Grant’s material and read all of Gary’s books. In my mind, I have enough to form an opinion here.

Let’s compare apples to apples. Tai and Grant have courses, and Grant and Gary have books. So, let’s put those up against each other. Grant Cardone has Cardone University, which is a course with a huge amount of modules and lessons. Like I said before, Grant is the Sales guy, so a huge amount of the modules is about this. Cold calls, following up, handling objections are just some of the things in this 1500+ video program.

He has some other motivation and mindset topics in this, but it’s truly for the salesman/business person to get. Grant has some smaller programs that I have also taken. But from what I’ve seen, it’s basically a small amount of Cardone University modules with a webinar that Grant does on topics. This is perfect for you if you want just to learn one subject and don’t want to spend the big amount of money on the course but the whole program is definitely worth it if you fall into those categories.

Grant Cardone with Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez's courses and programs are different. He doesn’t just come out with one huge course with 1500 videos. His range from 50 videos to 200 (not counting his VIP program, which is a monthly program with updating content bi-weekly.) Tai has mindset programs like the 67 Steps, but he mostly comes out with more tactical programs, like "How to Start A Social Media Agency" or How to Invest in Real Estate.

Some people like this a little bit better because it’s more of a hands-on approach than Grant’s. People are surprised to find out that in his more advanced programs, Tai is only in about 20% of the videos. This shouldn’t mean his programs are worse though because he teams up with the best in these spaces to give his programs the best material. Honestly, I think this makes the courses better than Tai just talking.

Let’s move onto books. Grant has seven books (including his 44-page booklet), and Gary has his four books (not including the one on wines in 2008). Grant’s books go from selling to mindset. The four I read (10x rule, BOBA, Sell or Be Sold, and the booklet) were all great. My favorite was Be Obsessed or Be Average.

I have finished all of Gary Vaynerchuk's books, and his books go from mindset to more tactical. #AskGaryVee was great to get a breakdown of his best answers from his 200+ video show and Jab Jab Jab Right Hook is the best way to get a grasp using social media for your business or marketing (still relevant to this day and released four years ago.)

You cannot put up these guys’ courses or books and say one is better than the other because they fit different needs. However, just because Grant does courses and books the best, in my opinion, he comes first in this sector. Then it comes to Tai’s programs Vs. Gary’s books and I am going to say Tai’s courses just because of how much more is in them obviously.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Programs & Books


Mindset is even more of a toss-up than programs/books because this all goes to how you are as a person. I squished their entire mindset into one or two sentences that describe each of these three.

Gary is all about his legacy; he is willing to put in the grind and hustle. He’ll take less money today to make a hell of a lot more at a later point in his life. Gary is more about how he is perceived once he’s gone than what he’s doing in his day to day life.

Tai is all about his freedom; that’s why he became an entrepreneur and what keeps him going. Out of the three of these guys, he’d be the one to say “I’ll make less not to have to work more.” Some admire that. Some think that’s dumb. He is also one of the best at building smart passive income.

It’s also hard to imagine Tai Lopez being the most humble out of anyone but from what I’ve seen Tai (the guy with girls everywhere and flashy stuff) is the most humble. Only because imagine Gary, Grant, and Tai reading this, Gary and Grant would think they win every category no matter what.

Tai would be the only one to say, “yeah that’s probably right. I shouldn’t be the best in that one.” Tai just wants to focus more on learning something new everyday.

Tai & Gary

Grant is all about his money; Grant’s biggest thing is “How can I make more money today than I made yesterday.” That’s not a bad thing. That’s just a salesman attitude, and honestly, I think it should be more people’s mindsets in the world.

One of the best things in Grant’s training on mindset is that most people spend 90% of their thinking on their expenses and 10% of their thoughts on income. Meaning more people are thinking about how they spend money and where they can cut corners. Grant says to reverse it. Spend 90% of your time thinking about how to get paid and 10% on your expenses.

This is the biggest opinionated category here. It all depends on your values. So, take this ruling with a grain of salt. Gary first, Grant second, Tai third.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Mindset

20 years from now.

Imagine it’s 2038. Who is the clear-cut winner from today when you’re reading this in 2038? This can be based on net worth, legacy, who’s even relevant anymore, and any other factors we can think of.

Let’s start off with who I think will be last. I think Tai’s got to go third here. Not only can I not imagine a 50 something year old making the videos he makes now, but his main brand just doesn’t have the longevity that you need to be here in 20 years.

Then it comes to Gary Vee Vs. Grant Cardone. Grant has his real estate to lean on which is in the $350 million estimate for this year. Time would tell how much that rises. But I have to stick with Gary here. He has his agency, his investment firm, and he is starting to branch off into many ways. What’s most important is he is planning for 20 years from now, not how much he can make today. You can disagree with me, but if it’s 2038, I would expect Gary to be on top, then Grant, then Tai.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | 20 years from now

Life Right Now

I would never advise anyone to want to aspire to be like another person. If you ask me, you should set your own life up, so people want to be in your position. This is just a for fun category. If you could trade lives with one of them for a while, who would you pick?

I would have to side with Tai on this one. Now, I know this won’t fit for everyone. Some people won’t like this because they don’t like the flashy life with the models, cars, and houses (including me). But a lot of people do.

Tai has the best money to freedom ratio in my opinion, and that is ideal for a broad range of business minded people. Some like working the 18-hour grind daily and going to bed and doing it all over again. That would be Gary’s take. I believe most would trade with Tai though, then Gary, then Grant.

Gary Vs. Tai Vs. Grant | Life Now


As you can see from above Gary squeezes out a win, with Tai and Grant actually tying for second and third. Now let me give you some insight on what this means. This doesn’t mean Gary is the best and you should ignore the other gurus. I’m not even saying you should watch Gary at all. If you relate with Grant the most out of these three, then watch only him. If you like Tai’s videos more, then be my guest.

Each one of these has a specialty that you can learn from. That’s how I look at these three. With every bit of content I’ve taken in from these three and how much I explained here, you should know if you want to achieve _____ then you should be watching ____.

I hope that you enjoyed this very long, but best comparison on Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez, and Grant Cardone.

Did you agree with me on every point? I’m sure you didn’t. Leave a comment below telling me your opinion on the ratings here.

Want to learn about transforming yourself into an Alpha Male? Check out our post here: How to Become An Alpha Male!

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