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Clickfunnels Affiliate Review: How to Become One & Ways to Make Money

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I’ve been using affiliate programs for six years now, so I've tried a lot. I can confidently say that Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels affiliate program is one of the best programs I’ve ever used. Even though being an affiliate for ClickFunnels is so great, getting started with it can be overwhelming. 

After reading this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to start promoting Clickfunnels and earn some great affiliate commissions.

Things Clickfunnels Can Do


It’s hard to review an affiliate program and not talk about the commissions. One of the most common questions I get asked is “How much will I make by selling ClickFunnels?”

They have many different products which we will get into later but their flagship product is their software. These come with a 40% recurring commission every month. If you can get a sale for the lowest plan of $97 a month, you get $38 every month for as long as that customer stays with ClickFunnels. 

It doesn’t take a lot of sign-ups to allow you to create some great passive income every month. 

Sticky Cookie

You might be reading this and don’t understand how an affiliate program actually knows who signs up with you and how they know that you deserve to get paid. You probably know that you receive links to use for the products but these links are specifically coded. 

Your affiliate links have specific codes pointing to your account but it also has a certain time that it tracks that potential customers actions on the website. When you visit a website, at least half the time, you don’t buy something on the first visit right?

Affiliate programs know this so they put in code to track that visitor for X amount of time just to make sure you get credit. The amount of time they allot is up to the company though. I’ve been in affiliate programs where this time lasts seven days or fourteen days. Amazon’s affiliate program only lasts 24 hours. 

ClickFunnels affiliate program sticks with your visitors “forever.” There are only two ways that the cookie could not stay with you. Either they delete their cookies from their browser which stops all programs like this from working or if they click on someone else’s CF affiliate link because it goes to the last affiliate link clicked. 

Both of these are standard and this really means that ClickFunnels has some of the best conditions in the game when it comes to their cookies.

Lots of Ways to Advertise

Once you sign up for an affiliate account, your dashboard has lots of marketing material you can use from there. For every program ClickFunnels offers, they have banners for websites, Facebook Ad images, email copy, and more. 

You won’t run out of ways to market CF with their material.

Affiliate Training

ClickFunnels has lots of things that you can buy which you will see in the next section but they also give away a lot of training for free. One of the best trainings they have is their Affiliate Bootcamp. 

This could easily be sold as a course. I’ve taken affiliate marketing courses that cost a lot of money and had less training than this free course has. They basically went around to their top affiliates and asked how they did it and they give you a full look into how you can do it too. 

100% free and you can access Affiliate Bootcamp here!

Lots of Products to Promote

Clickfunnels is obviously known for their main software but they have lots of other products that you can be an affiliate for as well.

They are one of the best companies for always throwing in more upsells and getting you more commissions. There are products that are less than ten dollars or even free that will allow you to make commissions on whatever they purchase from ClickFunnels over time. That’s where the sticky cookie comes in. 

How to Get Started

If you want to become a ClickFunnels affiliate, you have two options. 

Signing Up For ClickFunnels

If you have a ClickFunnels account, you are already an affiliate. This is the best way because you are using the product so you’re able to promote the product even better. 

If you have an affiliate account and get three people to sign up under you then your account is paid for anyway. 

It won’t make getting sign-ups easier technically but I’ve done lots of affiliate programs and the ones you use the most are always the ones that make you the most.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

You don’t have to have a ClickFunnels account to be an affiliate. 

If you want to go the free route, you can join their Affiliate Bootcamp Program.

This is an affiliate training program that helps you become an affiliate for their products. 

You can always do this training with an account as well and I recommend it but it’s not required. 

To Wrap It Up

While reading this, I hope I have proved to you how great this affiliate program actually is. People are still signing up for ClickFunnels everyday and they need someone to show them the program. 

Why can’t that be you?

If you sign-up to be an affiliate because of this, comment below with how you’re doing. If you actually want to get your own ClickFunnels account, you can use my free trial here. 

If you are already a user and an affiliate, why not comment below with your experience and maybe a tip to help out other readers.

If you know someone that this article would help out, share this post with them so they can gain the knowledge too. Thank you!