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80 Daily Rituals for Success: A List of Habits to Help You Today

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Do you ever wonder how certain people can get so far ahead in their life and others (maybe yourself) can't even get the simplest of tasks done? 

The most successful people didn't achieve so much by behaving like everyone else. They earned greatness by finding simple everyday rituals that can put them on the fast track to success.

You hear the expression "We all have the same 24 hours." And it's true.

Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, and Oprah all have the same amount of time we have. They just know how to flourish daily, and that's what you'll learn here.

The way you progress to the highest success in life is by taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically.

I've put together 80 rituals that you can do to make your life better in things like mindset, and productivity all the way to your job and health. So let's get started…

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I set this up in different categories: mindset, productivity, stress, happiness, business/job, and health. Some rituals could be found in things like mindset and happiness because they can be used for both.

A couple might also seem the same but have different overall routes within the ritual. Some of these are for the beginner trying to turn your life around, and some are more advanced and here to challenge yourself. Enjoy 🙂 

daily rituals


1. Learn Something New Every Day That Will Make You Grow

This is ultimately what All Day Progress is all about. The biggest advantage productive people have is that every day, they are getting 1% smarter, faster, and healthier than they were before. 

It doesn’t make a big difference overnight, but this starts compounding very quickly. This helps you approach life from a fresh perspective. This is honestly how I got into travel hacking.

2. Clear Your Head After You Wake Up

Every morning, you wake up, and you're over-flooded with thoughts on what happened yesterday, your dreams from last night, and what you need to do today. Before you even get up to check your notifications, spend 10 minutes quietly thinking/meditating, and then another 10 minutes deliberately visualizing your day.

3. One Day a Week, Get Up Before 5 AM

This is more of a challenge than anything else, and it's one that will pay off if you can do it. You probably have a job or a business, and you wake up at say 8 AM and then head straight to work.

This gives you no time to get any self-improvement done before work. You say you'll work on yourself later tonight, but you're tired by then and say "I'll just do it tomorrow." Then the cycle repeats and nothing gets done. Try this once, see how easy it is and it might become a permanent change.

4. Make Your Bed

This seems silly but listen to this. Making your bed allows you to finish a task already within the first 15 minutes of waking up. Your brain will then already believe that you are being productive and will make for a more positive and effective day.

Make Your Bed

5. Do Something Monotonous Every Morning

Most of us do something like this already, but this can be something like taking a shower, driving to work, or making your bed. Something that you have to do daily and doesn’t require much thinking.

This allows you to openly be creative in your mind and let it roam freely. Some of my best ideas happen while driving to do errands.

6. Develop A Morning Routine

You already have some ideas for options from the suggestions above. Once you make it a habit, you can turn it monotonous and be productive while also letting your mind wander to important things. Routine's can improve health and well-being.

7. Track Your Rituals to Understand Them Better

This obviously takes some time, but this is really important because you cannot improve your habits if you’re not tracking them.

Just like a personal trainer tells you to write down the weight you’re using (and no one does it), I’m telling you to write down the routine you have. We’ll see who does it.

8. Say A Simple Hello

When you’re on your way to work or anywhere social, just try saying a simple “Hi” to your co-workers or strangers.

With everything that is running through our head with our schedule for the day and our work meetings, saying hello to someone can give us just the dopamine boost we need. This actually works even better for introverts.

9. Never Stop Asking for Advice and Help

Society and the media are conditioning us to believe that we should be entirely independent and not seek for guidance. Another contributor for this is the public school system.

“Work on this yourself, don’t get any help from your peers, and you pass or fail on your own.” Everything that’s ever been great has come from a team and not a single effort, from Apple all the way back to the Egyptian Pyramids.

10. Read 1 Hour A Day

Some of you scoff at this because you think you don’t have time for it. If you’re a Tai Lopez fan, you might be reading more than this. This goes back to the getting better each day.

You don’t have to read books on physics or psychology daily to grow. You can find articles online or blog posts like this one. If you have trouble for an hour, try the next tip.

Reading Book

11. Read 15 Minutes During Your Lunch

Not only does this allow you to work on your self-development, but this also allows you to step away from all the stressful things that have happened in your day already.

Think about it; you’ve probably been working for four hours or more by now. Your boss could be expecting something, or your client is rushing you, and you are starting to get overwhelmed. Stepping into a book allows you to disengage from the world around you and just let you focus on eating and learning.

12. Read Something Outside Your Market

For example, let’s say you live in the technology space and you just learn, see, hear about Tech all day long.

Try reading something on Health, or fashion, or sports. Just to throw a curve ball in there and then think about what you read. It allows you to challenge your thinking.

13. Squeeze in Educational Videos/Audio

This is one of the first things I recommend to anyone. You’re in the gym or your car on an hour drive and let me guess what you’re doing. You’re blaring Drake or  The Chainsmokers or Bieber (I know some of you secretly work out to him, don’t lie.). 

That is valuable personal development time, and once you make that switch from music to self-improvement time, you start to notice all the time you missed.

14. Exercise Both Sides of Your Brain

We all know the left-brain vs. right-brain theory. No matter what side you’re on, it benefits you to work on both. If you’re more logical and analytical, throw in some creative in your day. If you are more expressive, focus on thinking about numbers and analyzing things to the core.

Left Brain and Right Brain

15. Keep Track of Your Output

This is something that every entrepreneur should be doing, and everyone else could be doing to get an advantage. I have many different ways to make money and every morning (one of my monotonous things) is I check the day before in how much those income streams made me.

How would this work for you? Say you’re a writer, track how many words you wrote yesterday. A student could do how much they studied, and an athlete could do how long they trained. You’ll find where you should be paying attention as well as what’s working well so far.

16. Play Daily

On a completely opposite note of that last one, you need to have some time to enjoy yourself. Even if it’s one game on your phone for 15 minutes or a dinner with friends once a week, you have to set aside time for you to enjoy something besides work.

17. Meditation

You’re going to see meditation in a couple of different categories here because it is that beneficial. Anyone who sees tranquil act thinks it’s a waste of time but no one who tries it more than twice says anything bad about it. It’s daunting to learn, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it has many beneficial uses.


18. Shut Off Devices and Wind Down

The problem with most Millennials is we have everything going on around us. Then midnight to two in the morning hits, we drop our phone or turn off the TV, and we just expect to be able to sleep.

It doesn’t work like that for everyone. Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb thirty minutes before you want to sleep and take a walk or try the meditation mentioned above to recharge your mind instead of building up stress.

19. Set Up Small Wins Every Day

Every time you win or achieve anything, your brain lets off a little bit of dopamine telling you that you feel good. That’s why you set yourself up for wins throughout the day. Fixing your bed is one of them. Make small tasks like getting to work 15 minutes early or putting an extra gift in your lunch for later.

20. Learn Why and How Things Work

Curiosity has been the biggest factor to business for the last 40 years. Think about it if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates weren’t curious, you could be reading this in a magazine. Here’s a top trick to think about this. Instead of criticizing and dismissing something, be curious about why and how it works.

21. Give Yourself Permission to Not Feel Motivated

At some point or another, you just need a break. 95% of people who do self-improvement try to push through it. Rather than pushing through it, allow it to happen. There will be highs and lows when it comes to motivation. You’d rather be rested for when you’re actually motivated than push yourself when you’re not.

22. Build Mindfulness

This is one of the best things I have learned from Ramit Sethi. Let’s do an exercise. When something goes wrong in your head, what do you do? Most people overeat, drink obsessively, resort to shopping, or another bad habit.

Instead, acknowledge what you are thinking and realize your discomfort. Practice when you want that bad habit to think, “is this going to make me stronger or smarter?” If it won’t, change directions.

23. Embrace Loneliness

Now for some people, you thrive in loneliness. I am a 90% introvert and have no problem having alone time for a while. But just like introverts have to learn how to thrive at social gatherings, extroverts should learn to embrace quiet time.

If you have your sight set on success, you're going to run into times when you feel lonely, and you'll find ways to help you battle through it.

Embrace Loneliness

24. Try Creative Work When You’re Tired

Almost everything you read will tell you that to do your creative work right when you wake up. And that works for a lot of people but not everyone. This especially works if you’re lazy. Lazy people will find the best ways to get their tasks done when they’re tired.

25. Scare Yourself

The brain is programmed for you not to do this. If you are used to doing ten push-ups for example, and you tell yourself to do 20, your brain's first reaction is "I can't do it."

This comes from the caveman days when our most important aspect of life is survival. But now it's been proven that nothing significant happens outside of your comfort zone. If you don't scare yourself, you won't grow.



26. Getting Up Before Sunrise

90% of people just wake up and head to work. They don’t put any time into themselves. Most of the tasks that take you all day to do, someone else is waking up at five, and finishing all the tasks before their job. Set yourself up to have a full self-improvement session before you go to work.

27. Get Up Before Your Family Does

Maybe you can’t wake up at five in the morning. It’s tough for night owls to do that because they go to bed at two. So, try this instead.

Besides you lone wolves who live alone, your spouse, kids, and/or roommates can make a lot of noise when you’re trying to gain momentum on the day. Trying this will put you in a great mood that you need to tackle the rest of the day.

28. Task or To-Do List

Everybody knows they should be doing this, but few do. Set up an app to track, use a paper and pen, Google Calendar, or a 10x Journal from Grant Cardone.

10x Planner List of Habits

29. Prioritize your Task List

I suggest having 3-5 tasks on your list a day spread out, depending on your work and lifestyle. You’ll always have more important tasks, but not everyone does this.

They’ll look at their to-do list in the morning and usually choose the quickest one because they want to start knocking off tasks. But this means the more important tasks get pushed back.

30. Get Most Important Tasks Out of The Way First

Building off the prioritization, you then decide to take the most important tasks first. This doesn’t mean the toughest or the longest; it means the ones that will get you to your goals the fastest. Say your number one priority is to raise your income.

You have sales calls, Spanish lessons, and the gym on your list. It’s noon and you want to start doing your tasks. Most people will see Spanish lesson and say “that’s easy, let’s do that.” Instead, do the sales calls because it’s more of a priority.

31. Make A Problem List with Your To-do List

You might already write down a task list, but you don’t know which should be most important to you or what to do first. Write down 2-4 problems you had going into that day, and this might help you find your highest priority as well as maybe find new tasks that you can do for the day.

32. Set An Exact Time For Concentrated Work

Your most important task should be done in the time when you can lock-in on what you need. I like to call this my “Wired-In Time” that I stole from the movie The Social Network about Facebook.

I have a set amount of time where I don’t answer my phone, I don’t have anything else going on besides that one duty, and you would be surprised how fast you can get it done without distractions.

Wired In

33. Limit Email Reading

“Emails in your inbox are just a list of other people’s agendas for your time” – Brendon Burchard. Don’t fall into this trap. The average worker spends 13 hours or 28% of their work week reading emails, and I used to be worse.

Scan your emails for what’s important in the morning and then make time for the rest later in the day when you’ve already finished your tasks.

34. Make an Important Inbox and Keep it at Zero

Here is a step up from the last one if you are having trouble. I have four different email addresses and only one of them do I use for my most important things. So I know anything that comes into that is a priority.

Things like signing up for Twitter or a coupon for a restaurant go on a different email. I get 250+ emails a day, and this helps me tremendously.

35. Check Your Tasks Around 2 PM

In Ritual 11, I talked about how you have that mid-part of the day where you sometimes feel like you hit a wall. This is the perfect time to check your to-do list.

Cross off/Mark what you have completed and lay out the rest of your day. If you don’t, you could risk drifting onto social media or your emails and lose sight of your bigger tasks for the day.

36. Listen to Audio and Video at 1.5x Speed

If you’re like me, you listen to a lot of podcasts or watch a lot of videos on YouTube. This could take up a lot of time even if it’s productive. Speed it up by going up to 1.5x Speed. I’ve never seen a difference in the quality of the sound or video, and it can cut down many things significantly. I do this with a lot of my Ted Talks.

37. Make Your To-Do List the Night Before

Most people can wake up, know what they must do that day, schedule it out and start their day. I can’t do that. When I wake up, I honestly can’t remember what month we’re in let alone the things from yesterday.

So, what I do is the night before I write on Google Calendar everything I want to do the next day. Then once I wake up, I schedule it out to make it work for me.

38. Set A Morning Intention and Evening Intention

Most people have either productive mornings and lazy nights or vice versa. Adopt the mindset of separating them in your head.

If you’re up for 16 hours on average a day, the first eight hours and the second eight hours are completely different. Then have morning goals, and evening goals so you don’t get side-tracked.

39. Keep A Routine

I mentioned before how important it is to have a routine in your day. A routine can help you get things done when your mind is jittery and also help pull yourself together when you have your rough days.

A couple of my habits from my routine include brushing my teeth, fixing my bed, working on spreadsheets and setting my schedule for the day. 

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40. Keep Your Routine as Flexible as Possible

Another curveball. If you read up to this point, I mentioned that I do super concentrated work and then just other tasks. Sometimes when you’re doing the smaller to-dos, you’ll get a bright idea and need to take action.

For example, you scheduled out to clean your house for two hours on a Wednesday and right when you started you came up with an idea that can help your business. Do not be ashamed to leave the cleaning and go with your idea. Cleaning can wait.

41. Reject the Illusion of Multitasking

There are two types of people in this world. People who know they shouldn't multitask and people who think they can multitask but really can't. I used to be someone who believed I could do it.

Then I just tried one time to just stick with one task at a time, and I never went back. You might be able to accomplish two tasks at once but the energy to switch from one to the other is what drains you.


42. Have an Accountability Partner

Studies have shown you actually shouldn't go around announcing your goals and dreams to people. It actually releases chemicals in your brain that has the same significance as if you actually achieved the task.

But you should have 1-3 buddies who keep you on track, and you do the same to them. Just someone to make sure you're doing things right and light a fire under your ass when you need to step it up.

43. Get a Head Start on Tomorrow, Tonight

It’s nine at night, and you usually go to sleep around midnight. Everything you wanted to achieve is done, and you already handled everything you can think of.

What’s next? You can binge watch three hours of Netflix if you want. Nothing wrong with that. But if you have momentum already, you should try working on some to-do’s you planned for tomorrow already.


44. Repair Your Nightmares

We all have nightmares (even really manly guys who don’t want to admit it), so use this exercise, so it doesn’t hinder the rest of your day. Whatever you didn’t like about your dream, write a better outcome to it on paper.

If you’re not a writer when you wake up, draw a picture or even visualize it in your imagination. Changing the outcome to something more favorable makes the rest of your day more peaceful.

45. Long Walks

Besides the health aspect, long walks can help so many points of your day right when you wake up. It clears your mind from the day before, allows you to think freely about what is ahead of you and even sets you up for our next step as well.

Long Walks

46. Connect with Nature

Studies have found that people who spend more time engaging in outdoor activities have a greater overall psychological and physical well-being. So while you are out on your walk, or during your lunch break, just stop and enjoy what is around you.

On the weekends, try going for a bike ride or some outside activity and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hobby.

Connect with Nature

47. Take Care of a Plant

Almost everyone believes that they can’t keep plants alive, but that’s because most have never tried it. If you want to learn responsibility real quick, just make it part of your morning routine to mist a plant for three minutes. Teaches you responsibility and connects you with nature at the same time.

48. Take Care of a Pet

This is obviously a step up from our last ritual of a plant because pets require so much more attention. But I don’t think anyone will argue that having one or two pets can easily raise the happiness of an average household.

Nothing soothes you better after a long day at work than coming home to your loved one who just wants to say hi.

Take Care of Pet

49. Spend Time with Animals

If you don’t think you have the time to adopt a pet, you can always spend time with all types of animals. Whether you visit a petting zoo near you or take a trip to a nice animal shelter, interaction with animals has how to reduce blood pressure and help you relax. If you can’t do habit 50 or 51, try doing this once a month.

50. Use a Notebook

Inspiration is everywhere. Whether you're an entrepreneur, an employee, a techie or a health nut, you'll constantly think of ways to make yourself better throughout the day.

While you're on a walk or driving to work, you'll think of something great, and then an hour later, you won't be able to remember. Use an actual notebook or your notepad on your phone. Just make sure you don't do it in the middle of your drive.

51. Adult Coloring Books

There has been a rise in this because adults are starting to realize the therapeutic value it can give. For you creatives out there, this ritual works both sides of your brain and allows you to know your feeling and have a certain sense of relaxation.

Adult Coloring

52. Get Silly

Everyone has those days where they just want to fly away to Neverland and become a kid. Getting silly allows you just to take a breath and find some happiness.

Dance around or go for a swim. You know what Simon Cowell does? He climbs a tree daily. Now imagine him doing that!

53. Crank Up the Music

If you can, it’s a perfect time to play some guitar or another instrument. If you’re like me and don’t have a musical bone in your body, just turn on your favorite upbeat songs and zone out. Perfect for the end of the day or when you need that quick pick-me-up.

54. Read Fiction or Poetry before Bed

Many creatives like music but many also like reading up with a great book and just sink into a different world. One of the best ways to quiet your mind by opening it up to another.

55. Kiss a Loved One

Right before bed, nothing will give you more happiness than affection from a loved one. A significant other or kid is perfect for this. You can also bring back that pet I mentioned earlier.

56. Small Sparks of Joy

Throughout your day, you find those times when you just want to give up for the day. When this happens, it’s good to have a secret way to pick up your mood.

Having a favorite playlist on Spotify, watching a quick YouTube series, or reading your favorite blog is a perfect way to be a pickup in your day.

57. Value Your Time After Midnight

40% of people are expected to be night owls or people who don’t sleep until late at night (early in the morning). Millennials are estimated to be even more, and I am one of them.

I work ten times better after midnight than within the first couple hours of waking. Obama is another famous person who was big on this. He did most of his catching up after night and said it was his favorite part of the day.

If this sounds like you, do not fight it trying to be something society says you should be. I now just focus on doing most of my work later in the day.

Obama at Midnight

58. Give Money or Time Away

Philanthropy is a big way to bring some happiness to your life. The power of giving is real and doesn’t just have to be the Bill Gates or Warren Buffets that do it. Giving away your time to a local charity or volunteering is a great way to give yourself a more fulfilling life.

59. Be A Mentor

There is something called the law of 33%. 33% of the time you spend should be with people where you want to be, 33% should be with your peers, and 33% should be with the people you can mentor.

Doing this gives you a sense of accomplishment as well as the confidence to reach for your own goals. Tai Lopez, who is a big alpha male himself, was the one who brought me on to this law.

60. Meditation

I mentioned meditation earlier and promised it would be back. Meditation is that kind of ritual that seems intimidating to start, but it’s actually not as black and white as you think. Many things can be classified as meditation.



61. Call Someone Important to You

The first best thing that can help you in a time of stress is human interaction. Real interaction, not on social media or texting. Calling someone before or after work or just when you need that friendly face can make you feel connected, and laugh about your day.

62. Walk and Talk

Taking "Phone a friend" to the next level. Set up with a friend to take a walk together. This could be a family member or significant other, or it can be your accountability buddy. You get the same interactions as calling someone but even more because it's in person.

63. Quiet Time

Just like everyone should have times they talk to important friends, you should also have some alone time. Go into a quiet space, put some slow music, and just take some time for yourself. You can do some work at this point or something you enjoy to relieve stress.

Quiet Time

64. Prioritize Enough Sleep

This could be one of the most important here. As a society, we are starting to think that to be extra productive you must only go off three hours of sleep and that’s simply not true. Some people require six, some seven and most eight hours. Find out your best time frame and always make sure you have enough time for it.

65. Banish Screens from Your Bedroom

This might seem tough for some of us, but it really does play a factor in how we sleep at night. Electronics like TVs, computers, and even cell phones transmit signals throughout the night, and even though we don’t hear it, the exposure makes it difficult to have a good night’s sleep.

66. Keep A Consistent Sleep Schedule

Anyone who keeps up with self-development knows consistency is the key. Same comes with your rest. When you go to sleep at 11 on certain days of the week and 3 in the morning on weekends, your brain can’t keep up.

It doesn’t know when to shut down and actually makes it harder to sleep for you. Simple trick: find a time to set an alarm clock to go to bed. This works best for you night workers or even you Netflix watchers and video-game bingers.

67. Think about Your Alarm Clock

This is probably one of the most simple and elementary things, but I’ve never heard anyone say this before I found it. Most of us have the default sound for your alarm clock on your phone or on your clock you bought.

It sounds like a fire alarm or air horn. This makes your brain jump up which is good for some, but it could set you off in a bad mood. Try changing it to a bell chime or birds chirping. A more peaceful sound to wake up to means a more peaceful morning and day.

Business & Job

Business and Job

68. Focus on One Very Specific Thing Each Day

Whether you own a business or have a boss, you have responsibilities at the workplace. The higher up you are, the more power you have.

Jack Dorsey (owning both Twitter and Square) is the best at this. Dorsey does 16-20 hours a day and splits them evenly between his two companies.

On every day of the week, he has a specific responsibility and makes sure he handles it for that day. Then next week, it’s all over again.

69. Work on Your Business & In Your Business

One of the main reasons small businesses die is because the owner works in the business instead of on the business. Do you know what this means? Do you walk into a small restaurant or convenience store? Who is the chef in the back or the cashier? Usually the owner.

They work as an employee, and that doesn’t give them time to work on the business and make it grow. If anything, owners should work more on the business than in it. Schedule a lot of time to work on ways to bring in new income instead of saying a little bit on the payroll.

70. Reward Your Team

You might have employees, or you might be the boss of a team in your workplace. Make it a habit to just let them know they are appreciated. Rewarded doesn’t have to mean you pay them extra or give them a vacation. Some of the best bosses are the best because they understand how their employees are motivated.

71. Learn to Cope

Coming from someone who works out of his house, you must realize that there will never be a perfect workplace. You’ll never have that perfect job and even once you do you’ll never have that environment where you can just crank out loads of work with no interruptions.

You have to learn to cope with co-workers interrupting you, social media dinging on your phone, or your family barging in if you work out of the house.

72. Spend One Full Day Not Working

We all need outlets in life. I 100% enjoy everything I do, but sometimes I still need just to put everything down and have a relaxation day. With people like Gary Vaynerchuk just saying “Grind it out” and watching him work 18 hour days, it makes you think you need to do it too.

This just isn’t true. He has off days he doesn’t show. You need to find time for some too.

73. Wind Down from Work

Having a routine once you leave work can elevate you to happiness after a long stressful day at your job. Don’t just grab a beer and sit on the couch to watch TV.

Grab one of the habits on this list like going for a walk or spending some time with family. Also, try to leave work on the same schedule every day. When you bounce back and forth, it makes it seem like the longer days just drag on and can hurt your performance.


74. Eat Healthier

This had to be here, and everyone knows it. You hear it all the time that what you put in your body is very important. Face the facts. Food is your fuel for the day, and when you don’t have your fuel, you’ll burn out earlier and start crashing in the afternoon. 

75. Morning Squats

If you have trouble lagging in those early hours and also exercising, one of the best things you can do is just some morning squats to get your day going. Wake up, brush your teeth, stand in your room or bathroom and just do three sets of squats. If that’s too easy, add some weight or do some sit-ups as well.

76. Run or Walk Daily

Not only can walking help for stress, but it’s obviously a way to gain a healthy daily habit. For most people, it’s probably easier to wake up and do the squats, but you can then work up to this exercise.

77. Gym Workouts

It’s obvious that going to a gym helps with the health aspect of your life. But something people don’t know is that if you can stick with a habit of going to the gym, it makes other rituals much easier to develop. Going through all that to live a better life makes your walk in the morning seem like child’s play. Whether you are an advanced Gym-goer or never went before, try this free account with my recommended online health program. It’s free and works fantastic.

78. Yoga

Yoga is probably the underdog of the entire exercise world. It’s looked at as difficult by outsiders, and most guys think they are above doing it. You should know though it’s easy enough for a beginner and with YouTube and yoga apps, you can learn how to do it in the comfort of your bedroom. It releases physical tension and well-being with every exercise.


79. Eat Your First Meal 30 Minutes After Waking Up

Studies have shown that eating breakfast within this 30 minutes helps in a couple different ways. Most importantly, it allows your metabolism to start up quickly.

Your metabolism slows down while you sleep and the faster you get something small down, the better off your body can work the rest of the day.

80. Health Buddy

Earlier, I talked about having an accountability partner, and it might be even more important for fitness. Having one friend or a support group has shown to help anyone trying to get in better shape.

If you have health goals, find a like-minded friend, and connect with them whenever you can. This will help you get over the edge when you need that push.

To Wrap It Up

There is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for creating the best daily rituals. Everyone has different personalities and things that make us tick.

Just because your role model does something like 30 minutes of visualization in the morning doesn’t mean you have to do that to be successful as well. The truth is you just have to try things until you find ones that work.

When you find your best rituals, you can truly find success in your life path.

Which of these rituals have you tried before? Which of them will you try today? Do you have a habit that helps you that’s not on this list?

Let me know below.

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