How to Get Your Life Together – 21 Ways to Figure It Out

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There is no question that people face challenges in life. That’s part of being human. The biggest thing that defines us is how we respond to those challenges though. 

We all know people who had things happen to them and they just never got back on their feet. Then you can think of people who every time they get knocked down, they’re right back up swinging right away. 

I’m going to help you become that second person with this post. When you need it the most, here are 21 ways to get your life together and figure it all out. These different methods aren’t really in a particular order but I did try to list it in an order that I would tackle each step one-by-one.

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1. Find your motivation

Motivation comes in many different forms. Some people like external motivation and others like internal. Some people want to reward themselves by saying “If I achieve this goal, I’ll go on this vacation or buy this object.” 

Other people find motivation from thinking about bettering their family or their own lives. Maybe making their parents proud or proving someone wrong. 

Maybe the best one of them all is finding people around you that help motivate you and you motivate them. Finding a support group to help you achieve your goals could be a way to motivate you. 

Most of us know the things that motivate us. For me, I have my own internal reasons to push myself and then when I need an extra boost I just throw on a video on Youtube or write down my goals and then I’m ready to go. 

If you don’t know what motivates you yet, try some of these here and see which one sticks. Whichever one does, learn to use that to your advantage when you need a push. 

2. Get Organized

You might say out loud that you like stuff being messy but you and I both know deep down that when your workspace, room, house, etc. is clean, your life just feels cleaner as well. The best part is this actually doesn’t take that long to see a big difference. 

Clean out your closet, clean off your workspace, clean out your car, and you’ll feel a difference. 

Even fixing your bed can be a big stride for some people every morning. 

Once your surroundings are organized, start getting organized with other things. Start writing things down instead of being lazy, make sure that everything has a place that it goes and spend some time every week just keeping track of this and decluttering whatever is needed from the week. 

Get Organized

3. Take Care of The Basics First

One of the biggest reasons we procrastinate on building a better life for ourselves is because we psyche ourselves out and think it’s so complex. It’s really not. 

Just like everything else, the 80/20 rule applies here. 80% of the things we need to turn our life around is very basic. You wouldn’t focus on making a creme brulee when you can’t even make a grilled cheese. 

So why are there people out there who are trying things like keto when they can’t even control their eating enough to lose weight?

People who focus on putting money in the stock market when they have thousands in credit card debt?

Or people who are searching so hard to find love but they haven’t focused on themselves enough to be loved in the first place?

Almost everything in life can be built like a pyramid but that means that you need to build the foundations first. Find out what the basics are to turn your life around before you go doing the complex things that probably won’t even amount to any change. 

4. Create A Routine

It sounds a little too easy but our life is made up of what we do throughout the day. If you come home from your crappy job everyday and sit down and eat twinkies and drink beer for four hours while watching Netflix, then I can promise what your life looks like. 

But if you do things everyday that help make your life better, then (obviously) your life will be better. 

Now, if you want some help, I’ll tell you a little about my routines. I have two seperate routines (or at least this is how I think of them). I have work routines and personal life routines. My personal ones consist of making my bed every morning and the gym on certain days around 9 AM. Also I do laundry twice a week every week and every other day I clean something different like the bathroom or my closet or desk. 

For my work, I basically do all my different business things every day but each day also has a focus as well. Mondays are always my analytics days where I go in and look at how I can grow through statistics. Fridays are always the day where I look through the revenue for the week and try to plan the next weeks. 

Sundays are usually my days where I plan my social media, blog posts, emails, and anything else. This usually only takes a couple hours so then I rest a little more on Sundays. 

5. Set goals for short, mid, and long-term

There is always going to be controversy over which goals are most beneficial but in my experience it’s best to set all three. If you only set short term goals, you’ll never be able to realize a bigger picture for yourself and your small goals.

If you only set goals for 10 years from now then you’ll never be able to make a plan to reach those goals starting today. 

I like setting goals for the day/week, for 90 days from now, and a year or more.

The day/week ones are pretty easy. Get a blog post done today, finish Facebook ads for a client, or create two new videos for Youtube. The long-term goals are kind of a way to gauge how things are going for your business or life depending on what you want. 

Something like lose 20 pounds in a year or make X amount in a side hustle could be a good year goal. 

90 day goals are actually my favorites. There is some science that 90 days is the perfect amount so you can plan out an actual goal to reach while being able to plan almost daily for them. 

For example, imagine you’re starting a Youtube channel. You can set short term goals like making one video a week or you can do long-term like getting 200,000 subscribers in one year but that’s not really enough. 200k subscribers won’t come just by making one video a week and doing nothing else.

But if you say “in the next 90 days, I’m going to go from zero to 5,000 subscribers by making one video a week, promoting it to my social media, and commenting on reddit.” Then you have an actual plan instead of just goals or tasks to do. 


6. Track Your Progress

While you’re setting these goals and plans you need to be able to keep track of what works and doesn’t work. If you try a new thing for your work or business, write down what happens with it. 

I do analytics every week on the business things I do over the week along with track everything I do finance wise for my personal life and businesses. 

This way I can track what works and what doesn’t, where I can improve and where I can be a little more lenient. 

On the side of my spreadsheets I also have a spot where I can put other notes. Maybe more things to experiment or how tome things changed depending on certain days or decisions. 

7. Start Saving Some Money

Whether you’re 13 or 43 reading this, we all could probably focus a little bit more on saving money. One of the fastest ways to get your life together is by being in a position to call your own shots when needed. 

When you have your money saved up and the freedom that comes with that, you can change careers if you want to, start a business if that’s what you want, take a break, go on vacation, and most importantly, you can handle an emergency when it WILL come up. 

Most people say they want to be rich, but really we just want to have enough financial independence to take care of the people around us and never be worried about something bad happening to us. 

8. Stop Using Money to Gauge Your Happiness

90% of people reading this probably think they don’t do this but I promise you, 90% of us think we will be happier once we have those new shoes or buy that new game. 

The truth is that these things give temporary happiness. It happens every time. You buy that new game, play it for a couple weeks, then you’re bored and have to think of the next thing to waste money on to make you happy. 

Obviously this is a more extreme example but it’s the same thing when it comes to drug addicts. If you ever see one down your street or in a city, you can always tell from their mood how much they have left. If they’re smiling and happy, they either just took it or have a lot more. But if they’re angry, you know what that means. 

Real happiness only comes from enjoying your everyday life with the people you want surrounding you and the ability to be free to do what you want. That’s real happiness to me. 

9. Quit Complaining

I don’t know about you but I have never met one person who constantly complains 24/7 and is anywhere close to being successful in life. It just doesn’t happen. 

Some of our cultures just thrive on complaining now and it honestly is one of the main things holding society back because people complain instead of doing something about it. It would be okay if people complain for a couple minutes and then do something about it. But those complaints turn into excuses and then those excuses turn into the reasons why no action is taken.

This is exactly why successful people don’t complain when their project doesn’t go exactly as planned or when a competitor does something to screw them over. They adapt and they get better to solve their problems. Adopt this mindset if you feel like maybe you complain a little too much. 

10. Let go of the things you can’t control

This one can technically be put together with the last method but this is probably one of the biggest things I preach so I wanted it to be its own. 

One of the things that bothers me the most is when people get emotional (mad, angry, upset) over things that they can’t control. We all know someone like this. 

They get pissed off if they have plans but it starts raining. The guy in front of them doesn’t put on their blinker and even though they safely merge, angry guy flicks him off and rides him for two miles just to make himself feel better. 

This is foreshadowing another step later but I steer clear from these people. 90% of your life is literally things out of your control. The 10% is how you respond to it which dictates your life. All you can do is worry about the stuff that you can handle and put in the work that way. If you sit complaining about 90% of your day, then you won’t have time to make any part of it good.

Let Go

11. Learn from Others

I come up with new things I want to do all the time and the first thing I do is find some way to learn a little part of it to see if I want to continue.

Sounds like a cliche but there is so many ways to learn things now that you don’t really have an excuse to say I don’t know how to do that. 

You always have Google and YouTube at your disposal, books on every single topic you can possibly imagine, and most of the time now there are experts that are literally selling their knowledge to solve your exact problem you have. I’ve even found Reddit to be a great place to learn lots of things. 

You’ll never hear me say “I’ll never be able to do that” because I’m always looking for new things to learn. I actually have a spreadsheet on things I want to learn eventually once I have the time and how I’ll be able to learn them.

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12. Make Sure You Have the Tools Needed

Whether turning your life around means getting a job, break an addiction, start a business, or just cheer yourself up, you’ll always need something to help you reach success. 

For my personal life, I always need my whiteboards to help me keep track of things so I can plan out my week, where I’m going, what I’m doing and even what I’m eating.

For business, I’ll always need tools like Clickfunnels to help me out. Every business I’m in stems from Clickfunnels in some way and I’m not saying you have to use this tool but find one that works for you. 

13. Look After Your Body

Speaking of eating, one of the fastest ways to change your life around is taking better care of your body. Of course, you feel healthier but it also makes you feel better from an energy standpoint. 

If you’re eating crap, you’re going to feel like crap. If you’re not staying active your energy will just drop down completely. 

If you really do feel like you need help in both of these categories, tackle one at a time and take it slow. Change one meal a day into a healthy one and maybe do a little bit of a home workout. Then change up more of the diet and get some weights for the house.

You don’t have to turn into The Arnold and go full Keto but swallowing a pizza whole negatively affects your life way more than you think.

Look Aft

14. Cut The Necessary Things  

This one is going to be different for every person reading this but it’s also going to be necessary for every person as well. We all have something that we NEED to cut out of our lives that is keeping us from being who we want to be. 

It could be a toxic friend, maybe your own vice like drinking, maybe you have a parent that’s pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do, or maybe you just go through lazy times where you just want to sit and watch Netflix for eight hours every day. 

Each one of those situations has their own solution (obviously you can’t cut your Mom out of your life) but in order to start turning your life around, you might have to handle some of these things and figure out a solution. 

Figure out the problem you may have and then come up with a solution to solve it. 

15. If You Say You’re Doing Something, Do It

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don’t feel responsible when they say they’re going to do something. Only promise to do things that you are 100% sure you can finish and always make sure to make time for your obligations. 

Even if something terrible comes up and you have to back out, don’t come up with some lie to get out of it. Just be honest with the person. 

I’ve dealt with people that make these kinds of promises all the time and then they come up with a lie and I don’t get angry. I just tell them something like thank you and then when they come back to me asking for another chance, I always keep that first encounter in the back of my mind. 

You don’t want to set the impression that you aren’t responsible with anyone. It’s not a good look.

16. Find More Passions & Spend More Time Doing Them

Some people spend their whole life chasing these ambitions with nothing to fall back on when they need a breather. I’ve gone through this as well. You see these motivational videos that are saying “just focus on your goals and forget everything else.”

You might be a special type of person that can do this 14 hours a day for months at a time but for me, I need some breaks. I write 1500 words then I sit and watch a show or I have a couple agency meetings and then I watch a football game to unwind. 

Just ask yourself, what do you like to do? I’m not giving some speech to follow your passion and life will be handed to you. But even if that answer can be a little unproductive like binge watch TV or in my case, video games, it’s good to be unproductive every once in a while.

If you were productive 24/7, that actually wouldn’t mean your productive anymore because you would just be working at the same pace every day which is the opposite of having a productive period. 

17. Delay Gratification

Now just like I do in every other post, I’m going to do a complete reverse on the last step. I just told you to spend more time on your passions but I’m also going to tell you to not always give in to what you want to do. 

Delay your gratification a while and watch yourself grow. I could just as easily write one of these sections then go and take a break but I would never get these posts out then. Somebody could do five minutes on a treadmill then go eat whatever they want but it wouldn’t matter. 

A perfect example of this is saving money. If you want to save up to move out or maybe put some away for retirement, that means you can’t always get those nice shoes or that new computer part you really want. 

Doing what you love is important but sacrificing what you love to do what you need to is a big part of success in life. 

18. Remain Calm When You Fail

Everybody fails. Just get that through your head right now. This goes back to the complaining and out of your control tactics I talked about earlier. There are going to be two reasons that you fail. 

This is going to seem harsh but 90% of the time that you fail, it is truly your fault. Our mind will try to make up excuses for what happened but you could have prepared better and you could have executed better. Just be honest. 

The reason why honesty is so important is because these failures is what allows us to truly learn. I’ve learned more from my own failures than any course, video, or book has ever taught me. 

Then, 10% of the time something will go wrong that you couldn’t control. This brings us back to what I said earlier. You can’t dwell on that. Just figure out your next plan of action and move on. No reason to worry about it any more. 

Remain Calm

19. Ask Someone for Help

This is probably the toughest one for me on this list and I’m still working on it to this day. I’ve always been a 100% do it myself kind of person because I was just taught as a kid that’s what I have to do to get things done right. 

If you actually think about it, school’s enforced it in us to not ask for help from teachers or from other students in times of need, like tests and projects, but that’s a different topic. 

But I’m learning how to ask for help when I need it and you should too. 

You’ll be surprised how many people actually like helping others and then you’ll start feeling even more surprised on how much you want to help out others in return. 

I’ve learned that doing this doesn’t mean your weak or that your incapable. Sometimes it just gives you the push you need to get it done or make a change. 

20. Start Leading

Some people just assume they are leaders while everyone else just assumes they are followers and this just isn’t true. Everyone is able to be a leader at any time. You honestly just have to be comfortable enough in the situation and have the confidence to figure it out. 

Even if you feel like a follower, there is at least one situation where you know you could be looked at as a leader. This is important because you can figure out what is so different about that situation and transfer those thoughts over to others. 

Once you become a leader and you start thinking like a leader, your outlook on different situations change and your confidence will change as well. 

21. Take It One Day at A Time

On your journey to get your life together, you might try some of these tactics but this one you need to keep in the back of your mind at all times.

Your life isn’t going to dramatically change right after you decide to change it. You can’t expect it to either. 

What you did three months ago or what you do three months from now doesn’t matter.  All you should focus on is things that you can do today to get your life back on track. 

Figure out the work you need to do, the things you need to learn, and the personal tasks you need to take care of to really get your life back together. 

To Wrap It Up

Everybody's different. There is no one thing anyone can tell you that's going to completely change your life around. 

In my opinion though, if you see a couple things on this list that you think could work for you, try them from the top to the bottom and see how it goes for you. 

Let me know if you try any of them! Also let me know if you have any other ideas. 

Let me know in the comments down below.

And if you know someone that could benefit from this post, please share it with them because it will probably help them out. Thank you!

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