How many Amex Cards

How Many American Express Cards Can You Have?

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Each credit card issuer has a different way to judge how many credit cards they will let their customers have. In this post, you’ll find out how many American Express credit cards you can have at one time. 

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Difference Between Charge Cards & Credit Cards

Under American Express they offer you both of these types of cards. We all know what credit cards are so let’s look at what the charge card is under American Express.

An Amex charge card technically doesn’t have a credit limit. You can only spend a certain amount on your credit cards ($1,000, $5,000, etc.) but on a charge card, within reason, they let you use it however you want.

The difference is that no matter what at the end of the month, they expect you to pay off the full balance. When you’re actually applying for a charge card, you get the terms that say if you leave a balance past your due date, you run a risk of your card getting shut down. 

The business side of me actually finds this interesting because most of the money banks make from credit cards is off the interest rates consumers pay them but charge cards don’t really carry interest over because you won’t have a balance for interest to accrue on. This means Amex really only makes money off the processing that you use with this card.

Unlimited Charge Cards

American Express doesn’t have a hard limit on the number of charge cards that you can have.

Here is a list of all the charge cards for Amex:

Personal Cards:

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Business Cards

  • Business Green
  • Business Gold
  • Business Platinum

Now, most of these cards hold high annual fees ($250+) and they share lots of the same benefits. So even though you’re allowed to have all 6 of these cards at any time, it doesn’t really make sense paying for those annual fees because you won’t be getting a higher value than what you’re paying.

Amex Platinum

“Around” 5

Now for the reason why you’re checking out this post. I had to lead off talking about charge cards because Amex doesn’t count charge cards in this total. 

American Express typically only allows consumers to have five credit cards. I did say typically because there is a little indecision there by the credit card community. 

Some people have given data points that they only have four credit cards with American Express and no matter what they get denied for that fifth card. 

Some others say they applied after having five and got their sixth card. We don’t really know what would cause something like this because Amex doesn’t discuss this with consumers but we would have to assume it has to do with your own relationship with them. 

Two follow-ups to this answer…

This applies to both personal cards and business cards. If you have five personal Amex cards and apply for a business, you’re almost for sure going to be denied. If you have three personal and two business, it’s the same situation. 

Also, this cap only counts for cards that are issued directly from American Express, basically the cards you find on their website. 

Some other cards use Amex as their partner like the Wells Fargo Propel Amex and Macy’s store card. These cards don’t count towards this rule and you can apply for those if you would like to.

Shuffle Around

With these rules in place, it’s kind of the Amex meta to shuffle your cards once you reach that five-card limit.

Right now, I have the Amex Everyday card, the Amex Blue Business Plus card, and a Hilton Honors Business card along with the two charge cards I have with them. I want to get the Hilton Aspire card and also a Delta card when I start flying Delta. 

That would be my five limit right there. If a new amazing card came out that I would want. I would have to cancel one of these cards, probably the Amex Everyday, to get that new card. 

This is really the only way to get those better cards in the late game of the credit card life for Amex. Find a card that is not giving you as much value and replace it with the card that’s going to give you more.

To Wrap It Up

To some people having five cards with one bank seems excessive, but once you find out how much value each card can bring you, it really isn't that crazy to think about.

How many cards do you have with American Express? Which cards do you want to get eventually?

Let me know in the comments down below.

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