How to Learn Something New Everyday (by Teaching Yourself)

When was the last time you tried to learn a new skill? Maybe it was a language, or a new recipe, or even a skill to make you more money?

Most people stay away from this because no one wants to feel like a beginner at all. Think about it, you were in your foreign language class in high school and you knew absolutely nothing about the language. It frustrated you a little bit.

Imagine having to learn how to ride a bike as an adult now. You would ask yourself, “What if I fall? What if I get laughed at?” These questions make most of us just give up altogether and go play video games.

Breaking through that first barrier is the toughest. Every person reading this knows that the only way to improve your life is to get better and learn new things. This is why you’re on a personal development blog in the first place.

This is why I’m going to teach you how to create the habit of learning something new every day.

What skills can you learn?

Successful people commit to dedicating time to learn. Think about the people you look up to. Do you think they make a habit of spending their spare time on Netflix and video games or learning new things and mastering their crafts?

We all know the answer.

Let’s talk about some of the things I’ve taught myself over the years.

  1. How to code. I’ve taught myself four coding languages which have allowed me to be in more control over my businesses. Almost every way I make money is online and that involves coding. Another important factor is if I ever decide not to have my own businesses, this is a skill that could allow me to get a high paying job easily.
  2. Two more languages. One of the most common things people want to learn but never will is a new language. I’m not going to be teaching a class on Spanish (or sign language) but when I need to speak it with someone, I have the option. Also, this is another option to add to a resume if needed.
  3. Advanced Excel. One that is probably less important to most but one of the most important to me. Since 2012, I’ve been tracking every cent I’ve spent and made (I’m a geek, I know) and options like Quickbooks and Mint didn’t do what I wanted. So I learned how to do conditioning and advanced formulas to do the equations I want to see in my reports.
  4. Cooking. In my honest and maybe mean opinion, there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t know how to cook anymore. There are so many free resources that will walk you through every step and then it’s just practice after that. I have 100+ options for recipes for meals, desserts, meal preps, or anything I could ever want.
  5. Anything I make money from anymore. This is what I really like to learn about and I bet you do too. We didn’t want to learn in school because we knew that the difference between a sedimentary and an igneous rock didn’t affect anything for the rest of our lives. Everything I do to make money I’ve taught myself and that’s why the options are endless for me. Facebook ads, email marketing, web design, Google Adwords, coaching/consulting, and even things that I haven’t done yet but know. I have the knowledge to write, design, and publish my own tangible book when ready, create apps when the time comes, and many more secrets I can’t let you in on yet 😉

I learned all of these things while I had a job or, once I quit, working on my businesses. I did this without neglecting my life. I still go out with my girlfriend every week, I still sleep a “normal” amount (who really gets 8 hours of sleep anymore), and I still focus on other aspects of my life.

Now each of those skills that I learn helps me out in my day to day life, and it gets extra points if I can make some money off it in some way.

It’s not tough though. If you know what to do, you can go from an absolute beginner into accomplishment within a couple of learning sessions. There’s no limit to what you can learn.

What can you learn?

Take a moment to think of everything you wish you would know. Maybe you’d like to:

  1. Learn how to speak a different language
  2. Play an instrument
  3. Learn to travel hack with Reddit Churning
  4. Get better at talking to the opposite sex
  5. Learn something new about technology
  6. Start your own business or side hustle?

You can practically learn any skill in any area of your life and each skill that you learn will open up new areas for you to explore, capitalize, and of course, learn. Learning these skills is almost like compound investing.

Teach yourself these new things and then you can teach yourself harder ones and it just compounds and compounds until something you learn six months ago seems like child’s play to you now.

Two problems most people have when learning new things.

Most people start too broad with their learning. The number one reason why people don’t learn something like a language is that they tell themselves, “I want to learn a new language.” That’s not how you do things.

You don’t get taught math all in one big lesson. You learn addition, then subtraction, decimals, fractions, geometry, algebra etc. With something new, you MUST break down steps to get there instead of tackling the whole thing in one big swing because then it’s too intimidating and it will never get done.

The other problem is people can’t stand the beginner phase. Our brains don’t work like they did when we were five. If we don’t understand something within ten minutes, we shut down. Do you remember how long it took you to ride a bike? It didn’t take ten minutes for you to get on, balance, and move three feet.

It took hours just to get this part and then we still fell on our faces. But we as kids didn’t care because that’s all we knew and we wanted to learn. This is the mindset we need to have when trying to learn every day.

The types of learning styles

Most people know that everyone learns a little bit differently. Your best friend may be able to read something and understand it completely, but you have to actually have hands-on experience or else you don’t retain any information.

This is a well-known fact yet most schools teach all the kids the same way. That way is usually whatever the teacher is most comfortable with, mostly read a topic then write about it in a quiz or essay.

Some people may find that they prefer one of these learning styles over another but can learn with any of the three, while others can only learn one certain way and the other two just go in one ear and out another. There is no perfect mix but you can develop the styles you prefer less as well as grow the style of your learning preference.

Here are the three types of learning styles and how you can figure out yours:

Visual – this is what you see 80% of the time in school which actually means most people were taught so much to learn this way that most don’t prefer it anymore. Visual learning is what you would think it means. You use your eyes to learn. This pertains to reading and writing basically. You read the information then write it down whether in note form or on an essay and retain the information that way.

Auditory – You must hear the information with your ears to take it in. This type is usually the people who prefer audiobooks over physical. They can’t remember something you read a week ago but can remember something someone told you a month ago. Another good way to get yourself to learn if you’re auditory is coming up with those silly songs or rhymes to remember important things you otherwise wouldn’t remember.

Kinesthetic – this is becoming known as the “millennial form of learning.” Kinesthetic learners prefer to do hands-on, physical activities to learn. Whether this is trips or projects, this is the way most people our age like to learn and even work.

Understanding your learning style allows you to become aware of how your brain learns best. If you understand this, then you’ll be able to communicate with the teachers and mentors who teach you throughout life. You’ll also be able to create your personal lesson plans when you teach yourself in a way that will be most productive.

How to Learn Something New Everyday

The most important thing that you must do next is actually start the process of learning. Find what works best for you and just do trial and error. Reading about this stuff isn’t enough. You actually have to be committed to practicing your learning ability and progressing daily.

Here at All Day Progress we actually have a small course on the seven step process to learning any skill you could ever desire. In this course, you’ll be able to cut through the junk and learn that skill quickly and easily.

Plus I have extra bonuses in there like the 25+ skills you can learn within the next two weeks plus 20+ sites where you can learn for free on virtually any topic imaginable.

If you are interested in checking this out, I encourage you to click here or the image below. It will take you to the page explaining everything you need to know.

For everyone else, I hope you enjoyed this article. Just remember if you’re willing to put in the work, the most simple methods can bring you the best results.

Please leave a comment below on what you would love to learn after reading this.

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